Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blitz - TopShop Nail Polish. Perfect for the Sunshine

Behold the latest metallic wonder in my TopShop collection, Blitz, isn't she beautiful? 

It's a vibrant fuchsia pink with purple and blue duochrome with a golden sheen in the light and it has to be seen in the sun to be believed: 

This is an absolute stunner for summer manicures or pedicures, the consistency, as with all TopShop polishes is second to none and you're looking at at least five days wear with no chips, so it really is a great choice for festival nails or holiday tootsies.

As ever, the price is a bit steep at €9 but TopShop have some of the most unique, eye catching colours that I've yet to see replicated elsewhere.

Are we feeling Blitz? Are there any other TopShop polishes I should check out? 


SmileLucySmile said...

Are all your nails that long? Mine keep breaking when I get to a lovely length :( beautiful colour though

Sue Jordan said...

They are Lucy but it's all down to OPIs Nail Envy, don't think I'd ever use anything else now I'm used to long nails. Great for scratches ;)

SmileLucySmile said...

Perfect! Its on the list for next pay day! Thanks hun! My longest nail broke today and I nearly cried. :(

Cali369 said...

Wow, that's a fabulous colour - love it!

Robyn Morton said...

Wow. If it looks that lovely and shiny in the light there, it must need sunglasses to be viewed in the sun. I think I'm in love with it.

Dawniepants said...

great colour!



Unknown said...

oh wow out of the 70+ nail polishes i do have I DONT HAVE A COLOUR LIKE THIS makes me want it more i love the shade :) :) pity there is no top shop near me :( this is now on my long wishlist lol thanks for sharing hunny

liloo said...

sweet lord, this polish is di-vi-ne
(and i am late in commenting, I know :/)

liloo/@tsunimee xx