Saturday, November 05, 2011

Arigato Mr. TopShop Roboto

Feast your eyes on the shiny! Here we have TopShop's Eyes of Steel (Mauve metallic) and Hyperreal (Light coppery loveliness).

I'm a fan of TopShop's metallic posh offerings since Starlight this summer. They're consistency is gorgeous to work with and the colour, as you can see, is light, bright and so, so pretty.

Über Shiny: That's my favourite kind of shiny

Both colours are subtle enough for office wear but Wow enough for a night out. They have a bright silver microshine that reflects sunlight beautifully. It wears really well too. I use Seche Vite as a topcoat and have gotten 3 days from these with no chips. The truth is I could've gotten longer but I is fickle when it comes to my talons. We know this.

Priced at an extortionate €9 in Irish stores as compared to £6 online they're another example of Rip Off Ireland where TopShop is concerned. I'd be even more annoyed if it wasn't for the shininess distracting me. Clever ploy indeed, TopShop.

Yay for camera phones!

So what do we think? Can you resist the pretty?


Anonymous said...

The only way I can resist this pretty is that my local topshop don't store any make up or polishes

pinkshoes76 said...

omg that looks amazing might have to get me some of that seeing as i cant get my fingers on the new sally hansen salon effects

Nic, Strawberry Blonde said...

love this - have seen it in the bottle but it's so much nicer on!