Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chanel Blogger Giveaway - Yisser Spoilt!

As any of you lovely followers with Facebook accounts will/should know, I have a Chanel Facebook only Giveaway live at the minute to celebrate 500 followers over there

Yes, we're hot on the heels of a 200 follower Giveaway here but I've had several requests from Blogger followers that don't have Facebook accounts wondering if they could be included. Anyone else would say Pishah, but me? I do a quick reccy on the amount of points weighing down my Debenhams card and I come up with a plan!

As pick up one Chanel Illusion D'Ombre (An intensely shimmering long-wear eye shadow), I may as well pick up two, right? Can't have ye Bloggererererers feeling left out. 


To Enter:   

1. Firstly, you must be a follower of the blog (new followers vay welcome) via Google Friend Connect. If you're not following yet, get clicking on the GFC box on the right, with the quickness! (If it's missing, please hit refresh, it can be a temperamental swine) 

2. For a second entry, follow yours truly on Twitter @ItsCherrySue if you don't already. You'd be in fairly fantastic company. 

3. Third entry? You gotta give my Facebook page a big blue thumb up! You can find me here or by using the ickle FB box on the right. 

4. Lastly & completely optionally, for all you Twidder lovers,  Tweet the following 'Win Chanel? Yes please! with @itscherrysue o'er on

You must leave a comment on this post to tell me how many entries you are entitled to. Please include your email address/Twitter username/FB ID & GFC name. The giveaway will close on the 30th of November, that's a fortnight, folks. Aaand it's open Internationally

Winner will be drawn by to keep things fair. If you are under 18, please get your parent or guardian's permission to enter. 

What are yis? Spoilt!


Confessions Of A Makeupaholic said...

GFC Confessionsofamakeupaholic


I follow you on twitter & I tweeted @Dee90x

I liked your page on fb too my name on it is 'Dee Coamu'

Thanks for the giveaway :)

Unknown said...

Done done done done
Ooo with this you are really spoiling us

pinkshoes76 said...

am a facebook follower Emily O'Regan
twitter follower pinskhoes076
emily o' regan gfc!/pinkshoes076/status/136878258934382592 tweet link

Rebecca Smith said...

All four entries please :)
GFC: Bex Smith
Twitter: @OhNoItsBex
Facebook: Rebecca Smith
Tweeted: @OhNoItsBex

Fab giveaway! xo

linda said...

GFC- linda callaghan
twitter- @callaghanlinda
FB- Linda Callaghan

Claire Sarah Kane said...

All of the above done!!! GFC same as twitter: @claireskane

Facebook Claire Kane!!!

tinkerbelldani said...

Thank you :)

GFC: tinkerbelldani

I follow on twitter: @tinkabelldani

I like on facebook: danielle terry


Girlwiththeskew-earring said...

I am desperate to win me some Chanel...I can't justify the spend on it so I gots to win it!

GFC: Girlwiththeskew-earring
Twit: Skew-earring
fb: cindz1222
and I tweeted it.

Loving your work Mrs! Keep up the Fab movie reviews!

Scarie said...

Ooh 4 entries for me! twiter:scarie, GFC and FB= karie Murray :)

Unknown said...

Lovely giveaway.

GFC - Jude

Twitter - @jadlgw


Steph said...

ooo yes please!! :-)

GFC: Steph
Im following you on twitter too @Steph_Bxo


Anne-Marie said...

I follow on GFC as Anne-Marie.
I follow on twitter as its_ams
Facebook = Anne-Marie Sexton

Thank you :-)

Emz said...


4 entries for me please:
GFC: Emz
Twitter: Emz_here
Tweeted the link & loves ya long time on Facebook :)

CiaraHa said...


I follow ur blog on GFC; Ciara H

I also follow you on twitter: CiaraHa

Fingers crossed!!

Anonymous said...

gfc- makeup hair and glitz

twitter and facebook - as above

congrads hun :) x x x

Jo said...

All done :) all 4 please, great blog ... I'm a newbie blog follower but will be a long-timer. Great giveaway too and thanks for some great reads!

Buckleyjo on twitter, Joanne kinsella on Facebook

cornflakegirl said...

Ooooh, you really do know how to spoil us Sue.

GFC-cornflakegirl (+1)
Twitter-@cornflakegirl26 (+1)
FB-Paula D (+1)

That makes three entries for me please and thank you.

InspirationBeauty said...

Thanks so much for this Sue :)

GFC Name: Holly

Twitter: InspirationSays

Liked your Facebook!


I think that's four entries! Thank you so much :)

InspirationBeauty said...
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Adeela said...

DOne all 4 steps

my email address is

Twitter name: adeelaahmad

FB ID: Adeela Ahmad

GFC name: Adeela

All the best to meee :DDDD

PreciousPearlMakeup said...

GFC: preciouspearl
email: preciouspearlmakeup at gmail dot com

FB: Precious Pearl
Twitter: pearlmakeup
Tweeted link:!/pearlmakeup/status/138184688949927937

Karina said...

Hi, Ive done all four.
Twitter name McHutchness and gf/facebook Karina Hutchinson McGuinness

bernien said...

GFC bernadette Nolan
twitter @bernolan1
Facebook bernadette Nolan
Done all 4
Great giveaway!

Unknown said...

GFC: JustAnAngel
Twitter: JustAnAngel11
Facebook name: Alina Vrinceanu
Mail: disguised.marionette [at]yahoo [dot] com
Thank you so much!

Josephine M said...

a lovely giftaway colours ideal at this time of the year
Twitter fluky1

Lee said...

Fab prize lovely, xx

fisiwoman said...

Fantastic giveaway! Enter me please! I'm a new follower via GFC, my nick is fisiwoman.
Following on twitter (@Fisigiawa), FB (Ana Belén R M) and tweeted:!/Fisigiawa/status/138373530407546880

Ana Belén R.M

Laura Larrie said...

Hi would love to enter! I Follow you on twitter and on GFC as whatlarryloves and also retweeted for you :) Thanks xxxx

caroline s said...

I have Tweeted here!/plumblossom23/status/138411476561051648

and I follow you on Twitter as @plumblossom23

caroline s said...

I am a GFC follower as Caroline Scott

Twitter @plumblossom23

caroline s said...

I am a GFC follower as Caroline Scott

Twitter @plumblossom23

caroline s said...

I am a fan on Facebook as Caroline Scott

caroline s said...

I follow you on Twitter as @plumblossom23

liz said...

Super Yayness ! I am so excited with this giveaway. I would like to participate in it.
Anw i am totally follower through Google Friend Connect name liz.
I already fan of you in FB name doki doki co :)
I follow you on twitter bird name dokidokico :) and spread words here!/dokidokico/status/138481110949691392

Much Thankies for the chance dear
Good luck for me


HinaLokwani said...

Spoilt is THE WORD!!

Please enter me..
Thanks huny!

Twitter: HinaLokwani
GFC: HinaLokwani



an ika said...

FB-Anna Ku



anna_k67 at yahoo dot com

Sleepy Beauty said...

1.GFC Bebe

2.Follow on Twitter Bebe @pllee88

3.Follow on Facebook Bebe Lee


Nat said...

Thanks muchly for this fab giveaway! You are certainly spoiling us...too kind!!

GFC: NatNat (but sometimes comes up as BabyNat)
Facebook: Natalie Cowdell
Twitter: NatalieCowdell

Once again thank you for this lovely giveaway :) xxxx

Sarah said...

You're a might blogger indeed!

GFC Cakeinthecountry
Twitterlave: @cakeinthcountry
FB liked
Tweeted anseo:!/Cakeinthcountry/status/139458230152728577

Unknown said...

GFC; louweevil
Twitter; randomweevil
FB; louisa elizabeth llewellyn

Sadi said...

Thank you for this amazing giveaway :)

GFC: Sadi


I already follow u on twitter: @Sad20ful

I already liked on facebook: Sadia Latif

I tweeted here :!/Sad20ful/status/140029602679623680


Unknown said...

GFC: Chantelle Wallace
FB: Chantelle Wallace

I tweeted and I follow you on Twitter @chanywallace


Dream1ncolour said...

i follow you aimee bradley

2. follow you on twitter im @dream1ncolour

3. liked you on facebook

4. i tweeted :D

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for this great giveaway.
I should have 3 entries.

GFC: Andrea Z
Followed on Twitter: bellemaquillage

Thanks again! bye!

Art Donatella said...

Enter me please :), I follow you everywhere & will also tweet in a minute, fab, fab prize! xoxo

Katy said...

What pretty shadow! Congrats on all of your followers!

I follow with GFC as katygmorris.

I follow on Twitter as @katygmorris.

I like you on FB as Katy Morris.

I just Tweeted here:!/katygmorris/status/141690170113134592

Thanks!!! :)

katygmorris at gmail dot com

darkfayth said...

GFC: Darkfayth

Twitter: @darkestfayth

FB: Saoirse Cassidy




emma Zajac said...

GFC Emma Zajac
Twitter emmabo26
I like your FB page
I have tweeted!/emmabo26/status/141875447830032384

Olga said...

GFC: Olga
I follow you on twitter @olgap77
I liked on Facebook: Olga Petsi

Thanks for the giveaway!

KamilaK said...

twitter: @kamila0892
facebook: kamila kogut

FitznBitz said...

Would love to be entered please!
1. GFC: FitznBitz
2. Following on twitter: @FitznBitz
3. Following on Facebook
4. And also tweeted the link:!/FitznBitz/status/141899880984625152

Cheers!!! :)

sarannewrap said...

All four entries please :)
GFC:Saranne Murray
Twitter: @sarannewrap
Facebook: Saranne Murray
Tweeted: @sarannewrap

Fab giveaway! xox

Fun House said...

following on gfc as fun house
following in twitter @jessws2011
have liked your fb page jessicawhiteheadstevens
tweeted too see!/jessws2011/status/141932240178393088

Linda Hobbis said...

All done.

Tweeting as lindylulu47
FB Linda Hobbis [Brooks is my maiden name]
and signed up to blog xxx