Tuesday, November 08, 2011

200 Follower Giveaway - Winner!

Ooh, my favourite bit of the Giveaway process! 

The winner picked by Random.org & verified by the eldest Gorgebag this time is number 28

The correlating Babbler is..... Drum roll please....

Aoife - Babaduck!

And the crowd goes wild *Yarrrggghhh*

Well done Aoife, you'll be knocking down toddlers with the battings of your lashes! Do please send on your address and I'll get this bad boy out in the post this week. 

Everyone else, again, Thanks so much for reading and checking in, it means an awful lot. 

Do please have a bash at the Estée Lauder FB only Giveaway that's open till Friday and keep your peepers pelt for more upcoming freebies. 

Thanks again. 


Scarie said...

Yay! congrats Aoife!!!

Unknown said...

Ah well done Aoife, enjoy!

Aoife - Babaduck said...

Doing the MC Hammer Dance of Joy here. I hunted one down in NYC for my friend & forgot to get one for myself, so I'm happy in my nappy!!!