Monday, 21 November 2011

Monday's Moments - 21/11 PLUS Giveaway!!

The penultimate week in November? Wowsers. For all you lovely followers new to these parts, these are 5 moments from my past week that banish Monday Blues, please feel free to share your moments in the comments. Tis very therapeutic & I love to read 'em...

1. Making D.I.Y my Bitch!

I've always wanted under unit lighting for the kitchen. Firstly I'm in there a lot feeding the swarm of locusts that are my teenage lads (2 of them) and secondly we've started using energy efficient bulbs that only heat up enough to be any use by 1am, when you're heading to bed anyway.

I managed to pick up one such light this week though, with dreaded instructions. Don't get me wrong, I tiled and painted our place myself but that doesn't mean I like D.I.Y. Measuring the light against the units with the pencil on hand I made an awesome discovery. It slotted perfectly into place on the units' ledge. No screws. No hassle. No sweat. I ROCK D.I.Y.

2. She Said What?


We know I like to write movie reviews, right? They're cunningly hidden up there under the 'Movie Reviews' tab. Something pretty feckin' great happened this week though. Not once but twice.

Randomly scrolling my Twidder timeline I saw one gal ask for movie recommendations and another recommend my site! Within an hour another chap, whom I follow (stalkerishly) mentioning the cinema and lo and behold my lil' ol' blawg is mentioned again in a response. This maybe nerdy in the extreme but those tweets made mah day. Chuffage.

3. A Wine Cave, you Say?

Oooh, cavey..

I do like the odd glass of Fleurie, or Viognier or Zinfandel or whatever's handiest when in my bajamers and in on a weekend night. That's not to say I don't love to be social (occasionally) and find a nice little spot to share a glass or two.

We did just that on Friday night. KC Peaches is a newly opened (Still sniffs like paint) 'Wine Cave' on Nassau St. and I have to say they've done a great job. They've opening offers and fairly decent wines to boot (or neck). The staff are more than helpful, without doubt, we'll be back. Well worth a goo before the crowd cops on. Gorgeous.

4. There, but for the Grace of God..

Some of you may know, most of you don't, that my day job is as a Road Safety Officer. It pays the bills, mostly, but I do love it. I had the great honour today to be included in a non denominational ceremony for the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims.

It was moving to see Faith Leaders from each religion represented, the Gardaí, Emergency Services, victims and families of those that have been needlessly killed on our roads in attendance. As the children let off balloons for each of the victims I thanked all that is Holy for my youngest gorgebag. He had a near fatal accident when he was just 5 years old but recovered fully. It was the hardest thing we've ever had to endure yet we're the lucky ones. There, but for the Grace of God.

5. #Winning

Oh Man I love the Rayjo! I've told ye before that I'm lucky, I believe our whole family are and that theory is proven again and again. (See moment 4)

This week the lovely folks at FM104 thought so too and chose me to win €400 for Lidl! (That's wellies & knitting needles all round for Crimbo) and the, just as nice, folks at 98fm picked my tweet to win this gawjus, luxury gift bag from Carton House. Generous, eh?

Yes, I believe in paying it forward, we know this. If you'd like to take that copy of Carton House, Bringing the Taste Home with a €20 Lidl voucher in the cover just share with us your moment of bliss this week in the comments. I'll get the lads to pick a winner on Friday. How's about that?

In yo' face, Monday!

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