Tuesday, November 15, 2011

50/50 - Review

Who's in it? 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen and Anna Kendrick

What's it about? 

Inspired by a true story, 50/50 is a dark comedy based on Adam, a 27 year old radio worker who's life takes a sudden turn with the news that he has cancer. We see him receive his devastating diagnosis and the subsequent battle with the disease and its effect on the relationships of those he loves.

Any good? 

50/50 is a touching tale of life and the shocking, bewildering curveballs it can throw. Adam (Gordon-Levitt) seems to be a pillar of fortitude once he gets over the initial shock of the news he has cancer yet slowly the cracks begin to appear as he struggles to cope and battle this aggressive illness.

Critics have compared this to Funny People and Love & Other Drugs because of the subject matter but this movie is so much more. It's compelling and heartfelt, which is a testament to both lead actors' skills.

Seth Rogen felt like a natural best friend, they were effortlessly funny together while with an illness you would assume needs the most effort to make you smile. There are genuine laugh out loud moments but it's never forced and they're coupled with a poignancy that really does the subject matter justice.

Anna Kendrick makes an appearance too as a trainee therapist and plays the role wonderfully. Angelica Houston as Adam's over distraught Mother is perfectly cast. She provided more than one reach for scarf as the tears threatened to roll.

The eldest Gorgebag accompanied me to this one and reckons he hasn't seen a better film all year. I did thoroughly enjoy it, in an off beat Garden State way and can almost forgive it making me ugly cry considering they had Radiohead's High & Dry in it's fantastic soundtrack.

Well worth a looksie (but bring the hankies). 



cornflakegirl said...

oooh, I definitely have to go see this.

High and Dry is my fave Radiohead song so I'm delighted to hear it's on the soundtrack.

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