Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Beauty Essential - Winter Skin Saviour

Not Just for Nips!

Anyone following for a while will know I made mention of the wonderful 8 Hour Cream a couple of weeks back. Having been given two, I gifted one through the blog and resolved to use the other. I made it 2 days.

I just can't handle the pong, it's so medicinal and off putting, especially anywhere near my face. Shame it's so feckin' good at what it does. The second tube was gifted to the Mamito as it upset me & my red schnozz too much to look at it.

Bemoaning this fact to the Sister, she let me in on a little secret, well a huge secret! Lansinoh, for the Mommas with the sore Boobehs. Boy am I grateful. As the worlds purest lanolin, Lansinoh is completely pongless but as comforting and all encompassing as 8 Hour Cream ever was.

The product itself is a gloopy, amber, viscous fluid, not as thick as 8 Hour but it doesn't need to be. Its rubs in sheer and provides a protective layer on where ever is causing you bother. I've read a tip online about slathering it onto your hooves with cotton socks overnight. Genius. 


Now I wasn't going to admit to all & sundry that I'm using nip cream on my problem areas (that aren't nips) but the lovely Karen over on shed light on the fact that many of us are suffering with the sniffeyness of Elizabeth Arden.

If you're looking for an 8 Hour replacement or simply a nourishing, hypo-allergenic & completely natural balm for your skins winter woes, you can't go far wrong with this one. It may not be as pretty as Elizabeth Arden displayed on your vanity table (stash it!) but priced at €16 for 56g in Boots or £7.57 on Amazon (!), it really is worth a shot.


Julia said...

Ooohhh, I might just have to try this, they sell it in John Lewis for £9.99, cheaper than boots :-)

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