Friday, November 04, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects - Simples

These beauties arrived on my desk a couple of weeks ago, but what with the lurgy an' all I didn't get my mitts on them until Tuesday gone. I've been a little irrationally excited to try them out, if you've seen any of my nail posts (they're hidden under the 'Nails' tab up there ) then you'll know I'm a big fan of Sally and her nailish ways.

What awaits you inside the pack: Instructions, nail file, cuticle stick & 16 strips (16!!) (Stop counting)

The instructions are so simple to follow:
  • Clean nails completely & push back cuticles
  • Decide which size fits each nail
  • Peel back each side of the polish strip
  • Press down using cuticle stick
  • File gently using the light pink emery board
  • Gently sigh with admiration at your new talons
  • Do random jazz hands/ tiger claws to EVERYONE you encounter so as they can share in the admiration
Stripey Horse Nails: Beeyooriful
I really, really like these. They're unlike wraps of the past as they're actual polish strips and can be removed using polish remover. Once you've done one nail it really is a breeze to fly through the rest. 'Just peel, press, file & go'.

If you're still confused, do please watch this 'Oscar nominated' *video from the gorgeous Gals over on LovelyGirlieBits.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects are available in 9 fabulous designs from all good stockists for a very reasonable €8.95, considering you could get several uses from each pack.

Luckily for you though, until the 25th of November, the brand are giving away free sets here in Ireland! Head on over to here  for your chance to get your talons on 'em.

*Pending Oscar nomination

Huge Thanks to Aoife for sending these over x


Unknown said...

Those are the ones I tried out too (Wild Child, I think?) and I loved them! So easy to get on and off and they look fab. Want to try Laced Up next...

cornflakegirl said...

They look fab.

I really must start looking after my nails properly again. It's been ages since I did anything with them polish wise.