Thursday, June 28, 2012

2 x 4 Dome Tents for Festival Season Up for Grabs!

Festival season is upon us, Lovelies and to help get you prepared I've teamed up witAnthisan Cream for wasp stings and insect bites to get you ready to rock and/or roll!

The very generous Anthisan folks have given me two, TWO, Meran 4 Dome Family Tents to see you right through festival season and back to camping with the family again. What are they when they're at home? I hear you ask, well features include:
  • Easy to set up ring and pin, colour coded system (Never kill each other on a camp site again)
  • Ideal for all types of campers (Festival revellers especially)
  • Waterproof with inner breathable material (No Sweaty Betties here ThankYouVeryMuch)
  • Windows allow for great natural light (And Mysteries of the Orient Express Silhouette Dancing)
  • Lightweight tent (For Schlepping from the car park to the camp site with ease)
  • Extended large porch for all storage needs (WELLIES!)
  • You want one, right?
    To be in with a chance to win you'll need to give me your top festival/camping tip. I'll start with a couple:
  1. Bring Baby Wipes! Endless uses including, but not limited to, tying around your face bandana style to brave festival loos on day 2 - ewwww.
  2. Pack Bug repellent and soothing sting cream (such as Anthisan). Gather large numbers of people in a field with a bit of sun and bugs just don't like it (the bitey feckers)
  3. Wear Layers! Even if the sun is splitting the stones when you're out in the waild, it gets chilly at night.
    Festival ladies glamming it up at Sham Rock 

A little bit about why Anthisan is one of my top tips:

There's over 12,000 types of insects on this fair isle and they contribute to half a million bites and stings every year. Our recent warm and wet weather is an ideal breeding ground for these insects and just one bite or sting can ruin a family event or take the shine off a night of care free festival dancing. Anthisan Cream contains 2% w/w mepyramine maleate that provides triple action relief from insect bites, stings and nettle rash by: relieving pain, soothing itching and reducing inflammation

All of this makes it an ideal first aid cream to be thrun into any picnic, beach or camping bag. You can be confident that a bite or sting won't mean the end of your fun. Find out more about Anthisan here.

So let me know, what's your best camping or festival tip, weird or wonderful - the top two will be the proud owners of these gorgeous tents and get to camp in style. Winners will be announced with the rest of the lucky BDay winners on July 3rd. This one is limited to ROI only. 

Good Luck!

Tent Winners were Heather & Briege - Well done Girls!!


Rachelle said...

can I enter CherrySue? I feel kinda bad as a fellow blogger but that tent looks deadly!!
Here is my tips either way:

1) Bring Nappy Bags; they're cheap, easy to store, they dont weigh a ton and they can store all sorts of rubbish. Litter bugs are my bug bear ggrrrrr

2) Bring Paracetamol. There is noting worse than waking up hungover in a hot sweaty tent with a banging headache!

3)Travel toothbrush.You can get them really cheaply and then throw them away when your packing to go home!

Leanne Mc G said...

One thing i forgot on my first festival trip was knee high socks to go with my wellies. My poor legs were rubbed to death by the end of the long weekend!

mell61 said...

zip lock bags, in a variety of sizes are a must, keeping stuff dry.
always bring 1 more set of clothing than you need, and make it more generic than fashionable (ie:hoody, tracky bottoms), so that if anyone ends up in need you can share with friends without it being size specific.
And put down the camera during the music, listen to it, don't watch it on your phones screen while you film... you could have bought the concert dvd for that... you are there for the atmosphere, enjoy it!

sarannewrap said...

Having gone to many festivals over the last few years Ive picked up some tips that will making your camping experience better, festival or otherwise!

1) Bring plastic zip- top bags, handy for keeping your phone,ipod etc nice and dry,especially if the weather is as terrible as it is right now!

2)Bring a few black bags, you can use them to store dirty or wet clothes,rubbish, and also to sit on it the ground is wet

3)Earplugs are always a good idea if you plan on getting soem sleep ina noisy envoirnment!

4)Bandannas can be super-useful. You can tie them on your head, around your head, around your neck, or around your arm for sweat-absorbing or water-distributing coolness.

5)Bring a torch with a hook or lanyard so you can hang it in your tent and see what youre doing in the dark. seems fairly straightforward, but the amount of times I've forgotten to bring one is ridiculous.

6)I always bring a pillow, far better than a rolled up jumper, makes all the difference when trying to get to sleep!

7) and finally, in the wise words of towlie, dont forget to bring a towel!!!

bonnie Williams said...

Take a roll of binbags!they will be invaluable,they are more versatile than potato waffles! I've used them to put in my wet tent and belongings when I am too hungover to sort it out properly (you can sort it out when properly at home!), for putting mucky wellies in and also for lining your feet if your wellies get leaky! Ive also used bin bags to line the changing bit in the shower rooms before, there is nothing worse than getting nice and clean and fresh then having to get dressed and dry in someone else's welly mud! you can use them as a raincover and last but not least for clearing away your festival rubbish! xx

HeatherBetsy said...

My festival tips are as follows:

1. (Smart Tip) Bring suncream!!! You're Irish, therefore you don't equate festivals with sunshine. However, if we do get a bit of sun YOU'RE IRISH.

2. (Healthy Tip) Bring hand sanitizer. I would hope I don't have to explain this one.

3. (Beauty Tip) One word. BATISTE.

4. (Ultimate Tip) If you want to have fun, don't take yourself too seriously. You're going to look messy, tired, and about ten years older come day three. So is everyone else. But, and here's the thing, in years to come, when you're old & your kids are convinced you were born a parent, you can look back at photos of day three, where your hair is a mess, your make up is three days old, and you can no longer distinguish your legs from your wellies because of the muck, and know that you had the absolute time of your life!!!

Leave your pride & inhibitions at home. Go have fun!

Jtac said...

If I could offer you only one tip for future festivals,sunscreen would be

Buy(or win!) a tent bigger than you need,a 2 man tent is fine for normal camping when your just sleeping,not for festivals when it becomes your home for the weekend!

Get there early to pick a good spot to pitch your tent.You do not want to end up near the loos,ugh!

Buy a folding chair,sitting on a wet mucky ground is not fun!

If you have an old mobile be sure to charge it and bring it with you for a spare.Your regular phone is guaranteed to run our of battery/get lost/stolen/broken...

Bring a small scissors and tape of some sort.They can both be used for a number of things!

But trust me on the Suncreen.....

Unknown said...

1 Mind the guy ropes
A small one but to save a drunken festivaller falling and collapsing your tent, keep the guy ropes as short as possible, they are truly the number one festival hazard. If you can wrap around the middle of them with neon laces for you to see when you are drunk, all the better.

2 Choose your pitch wisely
The position of your pitch can affect your whole weekend, from stumbling back in the darkness to getting (half) decent sleep the perfect pitch can negate many of the most difficult parts of festival camping. Choose a spot near a visible landmark but not too close to the main paths, you don’t want to be trampled on at 5am! Try to pitch near the top of a hill and as a far away from the toilets as possible (this is vital), you don’t want rain or wee running into your sleeping bag.

3 Make some friends
Get to know your neighbours and they’ll watch out for your stuff, share dodgy cider with you and generally give you a warm feeling.

4 Don’t lock your tent
Don’t put a padlock on your tent, tents are impossible to secure and you’ll only tempt thieves, most big festivals have property lockups so use those instead. Remember to make friends with your neighbours and they’ll act as slightly smelly Neighbourhood Watch.

5 Bring a bigger tent than you need
Whilst a two man is easy to carry it can quickly become crampt and like a little oven in the morning if it’s a hot festival or full of wet clothing if it’s not. Go for one man bigger than you need and you’ll luxuriate in the extra space.

6 Bring some gaffer tape
It’s amazing how useful this stuff can be at festivals. The worst thing in the world is a leaking tent and a quick gaffering will keep those raindrops off your head. If you don’t need it someone else inevitably will and they’ll probably trade it for some cider

7 Water bottles
The 2 euro stores now have collapsible water bottles. Enough for 5 litres, get one of these and you know you wont have to lug all those bottles with you. * some of the 2 euro stores even have the wearable kind ;)

8 Bring a headlamp. Much easier than a torch and you can keep your hands free. In case you are carrying back a drunken friend.

9 Black bags are very important you can keep your clothes safe from water damage by lining your bag with the black bag. And can be used as a seat, a slide, a wiping mat for your boots, a poncho, and in case your tent leaks.

10 Emergency charger. Now with everyone using phones like their lives depend on it, you can pick up a Duracell charger in tescos for a little over 3 euros, just whack it on charge the day before you go and if your phone, ipod or anything else for that matter that uses a usb cable then you are golden.

RedEyeDream said...

Haven't been camping in a while but from memory

Definitely bring plenty of baby wipes as everyone seems to know. Another good tip is to bring an old shower curtain and duct tape in case of leaky roofs or to use on the ground. Also, at festivals a lot of tents can look the same and with a few bevvies on you it might be harder to recognise your tent than you think (talking from experience .....) - use stickers or a scarf to make it stand out. It will save you walking around like an idiot :) Tin foil is also handy to wrap up leftover foods, put wet clothes in or to wrap around your stocking feet if it's realllly cold!

HeatherBetsy said...

Oh, I have one more!

Pick a spot. At some point you're likely to get separated from your friends. We are ALWAYS to the left at the front of the stage. Always. That way if we lose someone, they know where to find us!

Unknown said...

Tip 1! An eye mask & earplugs. I know it’s nice to be ‘at one’ with nature. But being woken at 5am by the rising sun and the tweeting birdies (while having a raging hangover) is not FUN. One needs their beauty sleep!

Tip 2! One of those head-torchy doofers. SO handy when you have to navigate night-time ‘number ones’.

Tip 3! Flip flops for the showers! And handy for quick exits out of the tent. For whatever reason…

Unknown said...

Make sure you bring the right tent and make sure you can actually assemble it before you go on the trip.
Also bring a good supply of water to keep hydrated and for cooking/washing hands or for throwing on yourself when you've spent hours putting up your tent!

Anne said...

1) Lots of those travel packs of tissues. Lots -- to share with others waiting for the toilets.
2) Carmex to put on your upper lip to block out smell from said toilets.
3) Nurofen. When paracetamol won't do it.
4) Berocca.

Unknown said...

Bring solar powered garden lights the type on the string , put them up outside your tent so you can tell your tent apart from all the others when its dark and you have had a few drinkies :)

Amanda said...

plastic bags, Baby wipes, Neurofen Plus & Talc!!

Plastic bags keep everything together, keep everything DRY etc
Baby Wipes keep you refreshed & clean and hygenic! and can also be used as toilet rool when there's a shortage!
Neurofen Plus ... for insufferable hangovers , back ache , general soreness!
Talc ... keep the spiders out! they wont walk through talc so a line of it at the door of the tent wont keep em all away but will certainly help!!

Kate said...

1)Don't bring too much food supplies with you on the trip, remember wherever you go there will more than likely always be a shop near at hand.
2)Only pack the bare necessities. Think more fleeces and rugs rather than make-up and jewellery! Think practically, which is more important on a camping trip: Having yourself looking exceptional or keeping warm on a chilly night? You will have to make some sacrifices girls and limit yourselves to dry shampoo and lippy!
3)Bring a pair of shower shoes. Crocs are an ideal example. When nature calls in the middle of the night they are handy to slip on. When your walking from the tent to the shower, I would even wear them while having a shower, Can you imagine all the germs that must exist on the shower floors of public campgrounds?! (Even the immaculately clean ones.)

Anonymous said...

My top tip is Location location location! Try to get the best location for your tent. Make sure you are not too close to the loos otherwise you'll be staying in stinksville! Don't pitch right at the entrance to the camp site either as you'll have the world & it's mother passing at all hours (not that you'll be getting much sleep anyway!) Likewise I wouldn't pitch right at the end either as that's where most of the lads piddle! Bring a flag or something to make your tent stand out from the crowd in the dark. There is nothing worse than knowing you are the fifth tent in, then someone pitches another tent while you were gone!! Oh & above all bring baby wipes!
Martha Lowney :)

carol said...

Bring a small packet of baby wipes. Great for removing mud and ideal for degriming hands before sandwich or burger.

Unknown said...

EAR PLUGS!!!!! Baby wipes, plasters & savalon cream. These are the most used & needed things every time I go on Camp with my scouts. Really good wet weather gear that folds up small to fit in a back pack, hiking boots that are water proof.

Chloe said...

Bring blackbags - For cleaning up your things, to sit on, and if desperate, as a poncho, by ripping head & arm holes in it.
Wear sun cream!
Go wild with your make up - Neon lips, glittery eyes, a Skittles manicure. It's a chance to look out of the ordinary :)
Wet wipes. Clean your face, clean your hands, clean your belongings - Your Liz Earle won't hold up in a tent.
Don't bring valuables. An old mobile & disposable camera are better than high-tech gadgets.
Bring someone organised & set them a 'challenge': See how quickly they can find everything & get you packed up & headed home! If you go annually.. They can try beat last year's time!
Above all, just have fun :)

amanda gately said...

There are so many things needed for camping, but the most important thing to bring is baby wipes, they come in so handy for everything.From cleaning toilet seats, to bottoms when toilet roll gone, to cleaning hands, boats covered in mud, and removing make up, the list could go on and on. One small packet can do so much and saves on bringing make up remover, cloths, toilet roll etc etc. Would be lost without Baby Wipes.

Unknown said...

I don't tend to camp much but I cannot wait to glamp in a tent like this!

My festival/camping tips are:

1. Take dry shampoo - not worth the hassle trying to wash it. Plus pretty hair accessories/bandanas/hats which will disguise a LOT! Double-check toiletries esp tampons, hand wipes, deodorant, toothbrush/paste & condoms (nothing worse than getting caught out).

2. Safety! Stay with friends, remember where you're camped and download the torch app for your phone or take a little pocket torch.

Happy glamping :)

shiv said...

in my experience ya only need 4 things best mate , booze , solpadiene and phone (to find best mate post snogging other random festival goer ) :) once yer best bud is with u ya know da 1 , the 1 that makes u laugh so hard u pee yourself , everything else will fall into place sod da rain n sod da loos embrace it all , laugh at it n have a ball xxxxxx

legs21 said...

Take loadsa sunscreen - it MAY be sunny!!

Take waterproofs - 'nuff said!!

Make sure all the clothes you take are scruffy ones that you don't mind getting ruined!!

Take loads clothes you can wear in layers, so that if it's cold, you'll have something to put on, and if it's warm - you can take summat off!

Your feet can get cold at night - so wooly socks are a good idea!

Loads biscuits and munchies for those midnight feasts!!

And if you're there with four ladies don't forget - condoms!!

Don't want to sound too presumptuous - but you might just get lucky!!

Hope this helps, and have a GREAT time!!

Anne-Marie said...

Dioralyte is your best friend! Yes its generally for when you have a bad dose of the ahem skits but it will rehydrate you after all that lovely Buckfast you've imbibed and all the water you forgot to drink.

Also paint your nails a dark colour - disgusting but hides a multitude!!

Bring a travel sized spray on suncreen (Boots Soltan do one) - nobody wants to be the culchie with the burning red shoulders!!

Put everything inside in your tent into binbags incase your tent turns out to be less than waterproof - wet clothes make people sad.

Leggings and dresses and layers in general are much better than jeans - lighter to carry so you can bring spares and will dry quicker if you get soaked.

remeneerb said...

Last year my pal had a torch with spare batteries, for when we got lost wandering around in the dark - it came in very handy! I won't go without one of them again :)

Buttonsc said...
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Tracey said...

Use a bumbag, very handy to keep money/cards safe and can be hidden under clothes. Dont forget to bring a hat, great especially for nights in our cold "summer" weather.

Anonymous said...

Get there as early as you can
Find a good camping spot. Near the toilets and next to a fence aren’t good spots!
Take some food. Only bits are needed as there’s a massive variety available – although pricey.
Remember your wellies, coat, hat and sunscreen – it can be and will be rainy/sunny. Be prepared!

Breige said...

1. Wipes. Multi purpose really!

2. Wellies! Even if the weather is promised good,sure it's Ireland!

3. Bin liners. For rubbish, to put wet clothes into, to line the tent to stop sleeping bags getting wet, I used them as a poncho, you can sit on them outside your tent if needs be.

4. Suncream. You should be wearing it every day anyway!! Get one of the mini bottles from Boots to save on space.

5. In terms of make up, waterproof mascara, BB cream for some coverage (better still if it has SPF), a stain like Benetint which can be used on cheeks and lips.And face paint if you're into that kinda thing!

6. Dry shampoo. After I came back from Oxegen, my boyfriend's mother thought I'd had a shower. Nope, just used the wipes and dry shampoo to look good!

7. A mini torch (wind up would be good!) to use to guide your way back to the tent at night!

8. Sunglasses. To look cool/hide how shit you look!

9. Camera with plenty of batteries (or just use a disposable one)

10. Sense of adventure but also a sense of safety. Stick to your gut instincts, have a meeting place for friends and try to stay on the right side of the law!

Amskinsella said...

1 Don't bring more than you need and never leave things you can't afford to lose in your tent. Keep valuables, like money and photo IDs on your person, even if it means wearing a naff passport holder thingy under your shirt.

2 DRY SHAMPOO = lifesaver

Amskinsella said...

1 Don't bring more than you need and never leave things you can't afford to lose in your tent. Keep valuables, like money and photo IDs on your person, even if it means wearing a naff passport holder thingy under your shirt.

2 DRY SHAMPOO = lifesaver

Orla Grant said...

1. One of those fancy water sprays like Avene for instant face (or body) refreshment when you emerge from the clammy tent.
2. Dry shampoo should never be forgotten when you're facing unpredictable Irish weather and disgusting showers.
3. Likewise, hair clips, bobbins and maybe a hairband to tame the now frizzy mess that is your hair. Or pop a hat on and leave it there until you return home. A genius disguise!

Anonymous said...

There are 7 billion people on the planet.

No need to be hanging around with a$$holes.

Unknown said...

When camping, remember to travel light...that's why Anthisan's's lite, and it's good for bites!

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