Thursday, 28 June 2012

2 x 4 Dome Tents for Festival Season Up for Grabs!

Festival season is upon us, Lovelies and to help get you prepared I've teamed up witAnthisan Cream for wasp stings and insect bites to get you ready to rock and/or roll!

The very generous Anthisan folks have given me two, TWO, Meran 4 Dome Family Tents to see you right through festival season and back to camping with the family again. What are they when they're at home? I hear you ask, well features include:
  • Easy to set up ring and pin, colour coded system (Never kill each other on a camp site again)
  • Ideal for all types of campers (Festival revellers especially)
  • Waterproof with inner breathable material (No Sweaty Betties here ThankYouVeryMuch)
  • Windows allow for great natural light (And Mysteries of the Orient Express Silhouette Dancing)
  • Lightweight tent (For Schlepping from the car park to the camp site with ease)
  • Extended large porch for all storage needs (WELLIES!)
  • You want one, right?
    To be in with a chance to win you'll need to give me your top festival/camping tip. I'll start with a couple:
  1. Bring Baby Wipes! Endless uses including, but not limited to, tying around your face bandana style to brave festival loos on day 2 - ewwww.
  2. Pack Bug repellent and soothing sting cream (such as Anthisan). Gather large numbers of people in a field with a bit of sun and bugs just don't like it (the bitey feckers)
  3. Wear Layers! Even if the sun is splitting the stones when you're out in the waild, it gets chilly at night.
    Festival ladies glamming it up at Sham Rock 

A little bit about why Anthisan is one of my top tips:

There's over 12,000 types of insects on this fair isle and they contribute to half a million bites and stings every year. Our recent warm and wet weather is an ideal breeding ground for these insects and just one bite or sting can ruin a family event or take the shine off a night of care free festival dancing. Anthisan Cream contains 2% w/w mepyramine maleate that provides triple action relief from insect bites, stings and nettle rash by: relieving pain, soothing itching and reducing inflammation

All of this makes it an ideal first aid cream to be thrun into any picnic, beach or camping bag. You can be confident that a bite or sting won't mean the end of your fun. Find out more about Anthisan here.

So let me know, what's your best camping or festival tip, weird or wonderful - the top two will be the proud owners of these gorgeous tents and get to camp in style. Winners will be announced with the rest of the lucky BDay winners on July 3rd. This one is limited to ROI only. 

Good Luck!

Tent Winners were Heather & Briege - Well done Girls!!

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