Wednesday, June 27, 2012

First Look: Virtual Nail Salon App from Modiface

I've something a little bit fun to share with you today, Modiface, a beauty technology company this week launched the Virtual Nail Salon App. It's bound to keep you entertained for a little while if you, like me, are a fiend for nail painting. This app incorporates some pretty nifty features that you can't find on similar versions. Some of these features include photo-realistic 3D visualization, over 100 actual nail polish products, the ability to upload a photo of your own lámh, the ability to create your very own customized shades/textures, designs and even try on some bling.

As I say, over 100 polishes are listed in this easy to navigate app so once you're happy with your design, you can find the exact colours you've used and order them if they're not already in your collection. You can also freehand nail art designs on a white base, which can be hit and miss to be honest, the tools available are a little crude to be used for intricate designs. Your finished manicure can be saved and shared on social media such as Facebook & Twitter, which is a nice touch.

Do I think this will change the way I paint my nails? Nope. Do I think it's a bit of fun and worth a play around, yep I do. Besides it's free, who doesn't want a little something to entertain them while on the train or bus for nowt - at least this method of painting your nails won't have fellow passengers writing into the Metro Herald Mailbox to complain about you.

If you're liking the cut of Virtual Nail Salon's jib then you can find out more from their site or view the application itself in the App Store.

What do we think? Should there be an app for that?

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Chloe said...

If only they had a Blackberry App,I'd check it out!