Friday, June 29, 2012

The Amazing Spiderman - Movie Review

Who's in it?

Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary Martin Sheen & Sally Field

What's it About? 

Really? It's Spiderman. Got to be clear though, it's a reboot, not a remake. Very important distinction. Apparently. 

Any Good?

10 years after Sam Raimi's latest incarnation of the web slinging superhero, Spidey is back, this time in the hands of Marc Webb, an altogether more upbeat kinda guy, very much evidenced in the final product, thankfully. It has to be admitted that I had my doubts going in, could anyone beat Toby in the Spidey stakes? Would this movie justify the remake? Would anyone care? I'm delighted to say it's a resounding yes for all three. 

Toby who?
Garfield couldn't have been better cast as the teen angsty Peter Parker, the grieving lad thrust into greatness against his will. His dorkish affect seen and loved in Never Let Me Go is used to full effect and fills me with an overwhelming urge to put him in my pocket and keep him there forever. His one liners and quips, while donning the spandex, are so true to the animated origins of Spiderman that, as a Marvel fan, you can't help but like him. Without doubt, he blows Toby out of the water.

Emma Stone playing Gwen Stacy sparks convincingly with Peter Parker, they have a palpable chemistry and on screen frisson that no upside down kiss could rival. Unlike Mary Jane, her purpose is not to scream and await rescue, she's a kick ass, independent, get shizz done kinda girl that's not afraid to get right into the centre of the action when there's trouble afoot. More of these two on screen together please. 

Yep, I believe 'em...
While much of the movie has been seen before, plot wise, the characters in this rendition really do set it apart. Peter's sometimes tumultuous relationship with his Uncle Ben & Aunt May (Sheen & Field) is heartfelt, while his friendship and ultimate face off with Doc Connors (Ifans) is thoughtfully played out with the emotion you'd expect from, y'know, arch nemeses. Ifans gives us a torn back story to Doctor Connors reminiscent of Ruffalo's portrayal of Bruce Banner earlier in the year. Spot on.

The action, while not as consistent as it could have been, is helped immensely by James Horner's outstanding score. The 3D is used well for POV action and the obligatory swinging from the skyline but can tend to be on the dark side (doesn't it always?). Fight scenes could have been given a little more oomph but are never less than enjoyable. 

Not having had great expectations heading into The Amazing Spiderman, it's fair to say it more than won me over. Yes, you've seen this story before and yes, you know how it's going to end but the ride is so much fun nonetheless. It's one of the most solid Summer blockbusters you'll see in 2012. Do consider whether you want to bother with 3D but don't hesitate to see this movie. With great characters come great feckin' reboots. 



Unknown said...

I loved this movie, couldn’t wait for it to start, we had to watch the everyone and their mother being interviewed before the movie started.

As you said Parker and Stacy have a great onscreen chemistry that makes them a more believable couple and the one liners return too. While I enjoyed the previous ones, I found Tobey to be, dare I say it, a bit stale towards the end. I was actually hoping he got kicked around the place a bit in the last movie. However Garfield makes this movie his, his youthful looks really do help to sell the movie.

As usual the stan lee scene is here but this is one scene that is hilariously funny and has a part to play in the movie, not just an actual cameo like he usually does.

We saw it in 3d and while we didn’t see it in Isense we did enjoy it a lot. And it seemed like the movie was meant to be in 3d unlike those movies that are shot 2d but shown in 3d.
Everyone in the cinema loved this movie when we watched it. It’s funny, poignant and a great way to switch off from whatever troubles you have.

Gets a good 4 stars from me ;)

Unknown said...

I love Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, and I've heard such amazing things about this movie! Must go see it!!

The Urban Umbrella


Chloe said...

I've never actually made it to the end of Spiderman so I have no idea how it ends! Though I think I'd watch it anyway for Andrew Garfield..

Anonymous said...

The fact that it's Spiderman and has Emma Stone in it are enough to get me to go see it anyway but I'm genuinely pleased to hear that you actually enjoyed it.