Friday, June 15, 2012

The Five Year Engagement - Movie Review

Who's in it?
Starting out with the proposal one year after meeting, The Five Year Engagement sees Tom and Violet through the grey areas and the reality of a modern day relationship when life gets in the way on their road to 'wedded bliss'.

Any Good?

Heart warming and chock full of charm, The Five Year Engagement is about as brutally honest a look at relationships as you're likely to see in the movies. Apatow and Segel work so well together and in my opinion have raised the bar on this outing. There's heart, belly laughs, relatability and raunch, what's not to love?

This is one of the funniest reactionary comedies you'll see this year, the script flows easily and when the laughs come from both cast and audience, they're spontaneous and natural. I'd love to know how much actual scripting was used and just how much improv footage made it to the final cut, I'm guessing plenty. Segel and Blunt's on screen chemistry is warm and believable, they look like a couple and fight like a couple, everyone that has had a relationship will identify with them in some way. The petty arguments, the brutal look at what coupledom truly is and the effort it takes when self sacrifice and self preservation are at odds within a relationship.

Violet & her colleagues. Do NOT lie on their couches.  

The supporting cast here are excellently chosen, Alison Brie (of Community fame) is adorable, there is a scene she and Blunt share as Elmo and Cookie Monster that you must watch out for, comedy genius. Rhys Ifans is perfectly cast as Violet's boss, dry, acerbic and unwittingly hilarious. It's fair to say that although not all cast members are given ample time to shine, each one has a pearl of brilliance to add to proceedings.

Running long for a comedy at 124 minutes, there was never more than a niggle at the back of my mind that some scenes dragged just a little. It's stuffed full of funny and poignant moments that'll have you chuckling at the memory. Not just a chick flick, there's plenty of humour for the boyos too, so the chap in your life will be happy. I won't hesitate to recommend this one. I haven't laughed so much at a movie in quite a while. Funny, clever and sweet. An engaging gem of a film.


(Just as a side note, do not let the trailer
put you off, funnily enough it's the trailer that
doesn't do the movie justice here instead of
the other way around)


Joanne said...

Am DYING to see it!!!! Is it a chick flick or would the lads like it too?

Tinks_1983 said...

So excited to see this...if I can twist the boyf's arm

Nurse Fancy Pants said...

Can't wait to see this one!!

Unknown said...

I didn't notice that it was any longer cause I enjoyed it so much- no extra quarter cherry for cookie monster :(

Unknown said...

Well, Just back from seeing this movie and I have to say compared to the useless crap I watched last night, yes you friends with kids! grr, I have to say this is a very funny movie.
It seems like there are honest scenes in it, which makes the movie more realistic, the couple and friends say and do things that I am sure we have all witnessed at some point of our lives. Even the cringeworthy stuff.

I like Jason Segel, I have watched him since he started with a young James Franco in Freaks and Geeks. So when I see that he is getting more movies it is nice to see someone who is funny but in a normal real life way get the attention I think he deserves. He does take off his pants ladies in this one as well ;)

Emily Blunt is stupidly gorgeous in this movie. Even when she is drunk and about to vomit she looks so cute its amazing. She and Jason play a believable couple. They seem like they are in love, or just putting up with what the other person says or does because they love the other.

Alison Brie ( swoon ) is super funny in this movie, you might know her from the TV shows Mad Men or Community, but I would like to see her headline in her own movie. As CherrySue said the cookie monster - elmo scene is quite funny, though I thought at the start of the movie when Alison Brie is on screen its hilarious.

The rest of the cast are good, Rhys Ifans in 2 movies this year ( The Amazing Spiderman ) plays a really good character. I think all the cast members make it seem more realistic then some movies we have already seen before and thats the charm of this movie.

It gets the 4.5 stars off me lost half a star because Alex ( Best friend of Jason Segels character ) isnt in the film too much

There is a comedy released this month and it sure as hell isnt Friends with Kids, its The 5 Year Engagment!

remeneerb said...

Best movie i have seen since Bridesmaids - it's laugh out loud hilarious! Personally when i go to the movies, i just want to sit back, relax, zone out and have a fun time. This movie will give you just that. It's funny but with a good story too and the acting is top notch. I have always been a fan of both Emily Blunt (Devil Wears Prada - she is my idol!) and of course the hilarious Jason Segel (Forgetting Sarah Marshall). The chemistry between them is really believable and surprised me as i wouldn't have put them together. I'm going to take my mum this week again cos i know it will cheer her up. It's no oscar winner but it's just laugh out loud funny and you'll come out wanting a wedding :)