Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Brains Behind your Favourite Beauty Sites - Pixy.ie

You remember last week I brought you a review of scrumptious, zesty lime body scrubbers from pixy.ie? Well this week I have a sneak peek behind the scenes at Pixy HQ so we might get a better understanding of how this Cork based natural skincare company ticks. Having appeared on Dragon's Den in March and turning down Mr Gavin Duffy's offer, Peter Weedle, the founder of Pixy.ie, has earned himself the joking moniker of 'Dragon Slayer'. I don't believe that for one minute. Take it away, Peter!

Peter asked that I use a picture of the Pixy Team as a credit for all of their hard work. (See? Lovely chap)
1. What inspired you to set up your site?

PIXY Natural Skincare was set up because we were trying to create an Irish
skincare range that was natural, fun and affordable. The website was
set-up to sell PIXY all over the world.

2. How long have you been beautifying the country?

We started about two years ago, but most of the first year was spent
developing the products, so we have been selling the PIXY range for just
over one year.

3. What's your favourite part of the job?

All the compliments we are getting about the products, people love the
packaging, the name, the price, that it is natural and that it is Irish.

4. What's the one thing about your job that people might not know?

That we make every one of the products ourselves, nothing is outsourced,
it is all made in Mallow, Co. Cork.

5. If you could choose just one product to recommend to a friend ­ what would that be?

I must say I do like the Pineapple Shower mousse, it is very refreshing in
the morning.

Simple and effective, just like Pixy's products themselves, Thanks so much for taking the time to chat to us, Peter and Thanks too for the chance for CherrySue readers to get an even better deal on some Pixy products with an exclusive Reader Discount Code!

Just enter CHERRYSUE at the checkout of Pixy.ie for a fantastic 10% off already hugely competitive prices. The code is valid until June 12th and can be used on each of your orders until then. I'll certainly be picking up that Pineapple Shower Mousse and some Birthday pressies!

How about you? Have you sampled some magic from Pixy.ie yet? Anything in mind now?

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