Monday, 18 June 2012

How to Pronounce Beauty Brands

Above we have the famous line from Showgirls but we've all been there, right? Well close enough anyway, there's nothing as embarrassing as having the chats with beauty bloggers or PRs at events and not being sure about the pronunciation of a brand so trying to talk around it instead. I know I can't be the only one. I can't!

Having had enough of trying to pronounce L'Occitane , I took it upon myself to ask the shop assistant in their shop in Dundrum a little while back, if anyone would know it'd be her, wouldn't it? 'Oh sure' sez she, 'It's Loss-ih-tan-yay'. 'Fantastic, Thanks' sez I, 'Oh, no problem, sure look it up on You-Tubey'. YOUTUBEY!?!? I thanked her smiling, tried not to chuckle and left, none the wiser, but took her advise and hit Youtubey.

I found the following vidjos from where Alexis Finc had them made following an embarrassing situation while interning. Check 'em out below and of course their site as I only linked the most commonly mispronounced brands.


Shu Uemura




So half of you are probably thinking 'What the actual?' the other half are in the same boat as me, I know it! Be sure to check out Beauty Riot TV for more helpful vids, whether you admit you want to see 'em or not!

You could always be a sweetie and tell me I'm not alone, I'd appreciate that... Are there any brands or words that cause you difficulty with pronunciation? Spill!

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