Thursday, 7 June 2012

Garnier Introduces New BB Cream for Combo to Oily Skin!

Hands up, my heart sank a little when I opened a package last week from Garnier and saw 'BB' staring back at me. You see BBs and me, we don't get on. Last year I put the original Garnier offering to the test and it wasn't pretty, although I loved the fragrance, it didn't love me and my poor visage broke out like a mo' fo' within 2 straight days of trialling it. It almost broke my heart to read reviews lauding it as the 'new best thing evah!', knowing it wasn't for me. That was until last week.

It's lucky I don't only rely on first impressions and take the time to actually read press releases, as this BB is nathin' like it predecessor and that's a very good thing (for me)(& no doubt many, many other ladies). Designed for oily to combination skin (although mine is normal) this Miracle Skin Perfector sports factor 20 SPF and boasts several skin benefits.

Garnier BB Miracle Skin Perfector: Available in Light & Medium from June 2012 - €14.99
First impressions are that this incarnation of BB is much less perfumed and more liquid than it's unctuous ancestor. Sebum fighting properties include Ultra Absorbant Perlight that work through the day, uncoated mineral pigments endeavour to even out your skin tone, they blur imperfections and blend out to a matte yet hydrated finish.

Not competely matte but closer than the original BB ever hoped to get
I wore this BB for 4 days running with absolutely no sign of break out, though I did brace myself every morning before looking in the mirror. On the skin I found it slightly drying but that was only on the day I forgot to use my Clarins Hydraquench so I'd highly recommend using your daily moisturiser before application in the morning to be on the safe side. It's now happily sitting in my morning make up stash to be used on rotation.

The one drawback with this product? It's only available in two colours so far, which will leave a lot of ladies disappointed though when I read right to the last line of the press release... 'Look out for further additions to the BB 'wardrobe' later this year'. Excellenté!

Are you a BB fan? Got a favourite?
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