Monday, June 04, 2012

Monday's Moments - 04/06

It's feckin' June! How did that happen? First up in happy haps this week has to be that both the UK and Ireland are lounging 'round on a Bank Holiday today - would love to know what you're up to or have gotten up to?

1. Go, Broseph!

Retro awesomeness!
You may have seen me tweet about this gem of news during the week but Moment 1 has to go to my elder Broseph, Rob, having another of his gorgeous shots published. This is the same dude that I've mentioned many, many times in these here Moments.

You'll find some more of Rob's snaps on his own blog that I've been hounding him to keep up, despite working 15 hour days. It's my job as a younger Sis to torment after all, innit? Well done, Bro!

2. Stad an Bus!


I enjoy watching people running for the bus as much as the next person and never fail to get a little pished off on their behalf when the bus pulls off without them, especially so when it's followed with a mouth full of expletives or flailing, rude hand gestures.

Heading into town last week the traffic was bumper to bumper on my side but flowing freely opposite. It wasn't until the bus passed that I saw the young chap haring after, waving his hands wildly. I watched in the mirror as he caught up 3 times, THREE, only for the driver to pull off again. At the top of the road a cab in my line of traffic edged his nose out though so the bus couldn't pass and the poor exhausted runner caught up! Who says all cab drivers are know it all whingers that smell of farts? Not I! (anymore)

3. Right Here, Right Now...

I do love a good coincidence and the chance to save time and effort, whether it be my time and effort or not. When I was trotting past Stephen's Green on Wednesday after an event I got a phone call from a bestie. She wanted to see if I fancied a coffee when she got back from town. Asking why she was heading in, it transpired that she had to pick up a licence and wasn't relishing the thought of rush hour traffic.

'Where is the office?' I asked, 'Dawson St' sez she, 'You mean the Dawson Street outside the door of this newsagents I'm in?'. Licence pick up, check. Time saved, check. Happy bestie, CHECK!

4. Your* Dead!

I often correct the lads' grammar on Facebook or in texts (not publicly, of course) but it's always been a pet peeve of mine.

When I sent the eldest a return message on Facebook last week correcting his spelling of 'you're' he sent me back this picture! I almost choked on my coffee in the office. Hound like him! I'm getting better at with my pet peeve now, I just send him an asterisks instead of the correction. (or several asterisks')

5. Just the Ticket(s). 

Both lads finished school on Thursday for the Summer (already!) so I was thrilled to bag tickets to Bill Bailey's show in the Grand Canal Theatre (I'll NEVER call it anything else). Apart from the slight hiccup of thinking it was on in The O2 and having to walk the 25 minutes in heels (me not them) back down the quays as the roads were closed for this weekends F1 in Dublin, we had a blast!

I'm a huge Bailey fan since the days of Black Books. We laughed our tushes off for the entire show and it put us in great form for the long weekend. Cheers, 98FM! Cheers, Bill! 

So c'mere, what's been making you smile this week?


Marian McCarthy said...

I was also at Bill Bailey that night! He was brilliant wasn't he? :)

boredmum said...

love the monday moments, well done to your Bro on his cool pic, and fair play to the Taxi driver, poor young fella,

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Ah we like that taxi man now so we do ;) I love coinkydinks like that with the bestie! A grand week altogether :)

shiv said...

did u do anything alse exciting that week ????mmmmm my birthday drunk with yer bestie !!!!!