Thursday, 12 April 2012

MAC - Extra Dimension - Skinfinish/Highlighter in Superb

It's very rare that I run out to buy a product, much less rare that I call the shop the night before and get up at 9am ON A DAY OFF and make sure I'm first in line to have it but since seeing Dusty Hunter's video about the new MAC In Extra Dimension collection and the fact that Superb Extra Dimension Skinfinish/Highlighter is an exact dupe for the Holy Grail & impossible to find Estée Lauder's Modern Mercury illuminating powder gelée, that's exactly what I did. Knowing that Éstée have recently purchased MAC, it was only a matter of time before there was some cross over in products produced. Thank the Lord.

This skinfinish/highlighter is a rose gold, dry to the touch but oh so smooth product. It looks a lot warmer in the pan than on the skin. It catches the light beautifully for a high shine finish but I find it a lot more subtle than metallic, making it a win for Irish skin tones. 

Swatched (heavily) wet on the left and dry on the right

I've been using this highlighter just about every day since purchase such is my grá for it. I'm loving it as a highlighter on temples, cheekbones and décolletage but also as a subtle but hugely flattering eye shadow. This handy photo shows you exactly where to use it. The genius that is Dusty Hunter had suggested using Modern Mercury (& this as it's a dupe) as a funky nail polish. Simply paint your nails with a clear basecoat, brush this powder on lightly and seal with a topcoat for a unique metallic finish. I've yet to try it but I will.  

The beautiful Christine over at has Superb in a face of the day, which shows it's subtlety perfectly.  She's also rated it A- and coming from one of the leading beauty gurus, that's pretty phenomenal. 

At the time of writing this post, Superb has already sold out on the MAC website and I can envision the shops running out fairly quickly too. I bought it for €28 in BT2 in Blanchardstown but I know that each of the MAC stores (Cork especially) are hugely helpful in holding and posting products to your home should the want overcome you. 


PS... If you haven't followed Dustin Hunter yet, do yourself a favour and get on it, I love the man muchly.  

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