Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Micro Pedi by Emoji

I had the quite surreal pleasure this week of heading along to the Dylan hotel to meet the stunning Rosanna Davison, while having a pedicure. Weirdorama but it was all in a good cause, well the cause of good feet, which is similar, no?

We were there to be introduced to the Micropedi from Emoji. The new manna from heaven to get your feet flip flop ready and fab in minutes.

There's two choices of roller, blue for extra coarse skin and pink for coarse, they rotate 30 times per second to effortlessly leave you with soft, supple tootsies. Apart from the tickles, you barely feel it work it's magic at all.

During the Summer months D'Mammy and I regularly visit J Nails on Capel Street, Dublin for pedicures, they're cheap as chips and do a fabulous job. Considering she was only short of setting up a road block on my way home to relieve me of this beauty, I'm guessing we won't be doing that this year. She already loves it, which means Bucko here will have to buy her own because I'm pretty smitten too. 

Normally priced at €49.99 and available in Boots and all leading pharmacies, the Micro-Pedi is currently on sale on the Lifes2Good site for €34.99, that's cheaper than one decent pedicure, let alone an entire Summer of at home simplicity.

By the by, the gorgeous pink polish we received in the press packs is Zoya's Whitney from that we had a sneaky behind the scenes peek at last week. Isn't it fab?

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