Wednesday, 18 April 2012

OPI Nail Envy - Astounding Results Already!

I'm constantly on the lookout for something to help strengthen my nails. I try all the usual tricks, cuticle oil, massaging hand cream into my nail beds and a multi vitamin with Vit A&C to try and boost growth. They're usually in fairly good shape but serious rumblings in the Blogosphere about OPI's Nail Envy meant I had to give it a shot.

Luckily at the Beauty Pro Expo in the RDS earlier this year there was a stand from Hennessy Hair and Beauty full to the brim with OPI delights. I managed to pick up Nail Envy and it's Matte counterpart for €10.80 and have been using it since early March.

Want to see my nail results after 3 weeks?

Excuse my middle nail, it was lost in the Battle of the M&S Basket (Almost lost my pingy!)

That's some difference, right? You can check out further evidence of nail stubbery from January here. All in all I've been using it for a little over 5 weeks but my nails had been filed to nubs at an event (*shakes fist*) so this growth is since then. All of my nails are strong and healthy and growing like wildfire. I'm actually filing them back at this stage (with a glass file), which I have never had to do.

Application is simple, it's an opaque polish and you apply two coats to your baldy nail, polish can be used too (thankfully), then one coat each day thereafter. The only time I can remember my talons being in such good nick would be after a sunshine holiday and, Lord knows, I haven't had one of them.

I could scratch eyes out or anything! 

OPI Sez: Nail Envy Original provides maximum strengthening with hydrolysed wheat protein and calcium for harder, longer, stronger, natural nails. Ideal for weak, damaged nails.

Nail Envy comes in several versions: Original, Matte, Dry & Brittle, Sensitive & Peeling or Maintenance and retails for €24.99 in Boots, though chances are you'll pick it up cheaper on eBay.

This is the first product, let alone nail product that I've used that I've seen such a drastic difference with in such a short space of time. If your digits are in need of some help, I can't recommend it enough.

Have you any hints or tips for tip top talons? 
Think you might try this out?

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