Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday's Moments - 16/04

How is the Easter break done and gone? How did that happen so fast? Aside from me having the last week and a half off, as ever, there have been a couple of moments that have made me smile and/or kick my Monday Blues in the knickers. Let's see 'em, shall we?

1. Jazz Hands Agogo

Thanks to Music Scene and MCD Promotions we had the chance to head along to catch the final show in Diversity's arena tour in Dublin on Saturday. The show, based on the above BGT final, followed the dance troupe as they were trapped inside a video game.

The show was genuinely entertaining, I think more than anything else the fact that the (almost sold out) O2 was filled with young Irish Dance troupes was a sight to behold. These young boys and girls obviously idolise these chaps. Before the show ended they came back on stage to Thank everyone for buying their tickets and supporting them, they reminded everyone that they're just ordinary blokes, that with hard work and a lot of luck & support have made it this far and encouraged the youngsters to follow their dreams no matter what. Fair play, lads.

2. Hang on, Wha?

We had the great honour of being invited to visit Oriflame's head office and laboratories on Friday. When I say it was like being in our own 'How it's Made' episode I'm not exaggerating. Mags of EmeraldEyeliner fame even likening the experience to a visit to Willy Wonka's factory, such was our glee.

The stand out moment of the day, for me though, had to be the introduction of this little fella. Tender Care is a wonder pot of honeycomb extract and vegetable oils that's been on the market since 1967! For 45 years it has relieved dry skin using the same formula from the same packaging! I've been using it on cuticles and elbows since Friday and early signs are fantastic. How amazing is that?

3. Score (By Two and a Bit)

After Diversity on Saturday night, we headed off for a dámhsa into the City Centre as we were staying in a hotel overnight. When leaving the club though, what should I spot? A crumpled up €50 note!

It’s been a while since I've found money but I did the usual reccy to see if anyone was actively looking for money they might have dropped. In fairness, the fellow revellers were more Walking Dead than anything else at that time of morning so the decision was made. I gave both homeless chaps in the doorway beside the taxi rank €20 each and the change paid for our cab fare home. Sweet deal!

4. He May Never Forgive Me

Technically speaking this moment should have been included last week but I can't let it go without sharing it here. One of my funniest ever moments happened a couple of weeks back. I had large bubble wrap from a delivery on the kitchen table but it must have fallen to the floor. The eldest Gorgebag was walking in in the dark, stood on the bubble wrap and dropped to the floor with a squeal as if he'd been shot!

I ran out and tried to help him up but his expression had me on my knees with the laughter, he was white as a ghost and mad as hell. He insists I did it purposely but I'm just not genius an evil genius, Aar. Would that I were.

5. Oh What a Beautiful Morning...

Finally, even though my return to work after two weeks off would have been enough to send me spiralling in a Monday depression – I was more than pleasantly surprised this morning to wake up a good half hour before the alarm. I have trees to the back of my house that, when they’re not camouflaging stalkers, are home to countless birds that sing their faces off come daybreak.

This morning I was awoken, Snow White style, with 4 little birds on my window, their birdsong and the sunshine streaming in woke me more pleasantly than I’d hoped. (Yes, that’s where the Snow White similarity ends, my Dwarves are now head & shoulders above me and I'm the one trotting off to work with a pick axe slung o'er my shoulder)

Anything fabulous happen with you this week? Even something that tickled you nicely? Do let us know..

(Pssst, I'll have other pretty things for the Oriflame tour up soon, keep an eye out!)


Lovely Girlie Bits said...

That story with the bubblewrap still makes me giggle like a lunatic hehehe Poor gorgebag and I bet you totally did it on purpose hehe

Unknown said...

I love oriflame stuff :) do u know if u can get it online??

carolsoriflame said...

Hi Oscarwells, you can but you can also get it from me at
I'll send you on a Catalouge link if you email me.