Monday, 27 August 2012

Rihanna & Marc Jacobs Resort Nails - How To

It's been a little while since I've done a nail art design so when I saw Rihanna pouring out her heart to Oprah in Marc Jacobs Resort mint halter neck this week, I wasn't thinking 'poor ol' RiRi', no, I was thinking 'Oooh that design sure would make some purrty nails. 

The colours are gorgeous together, very like the cherry blossom nails I had previously, just in a slightly different design. Fancy seeing how simple they are to recreate? 

Colours used
A dotting tool and toothpick can be used for the florals (or of course a bobby pin)

Starting with a mint base, the flowers are done with two small dots of each colour. The small pink dots and green leaves are all done using the toothpick, it's much easier to do fine details with the sharper tip. 

Accent Nail
Because the upper half of Rihanna's frock is a concentrated mix of all colours I wrapped the tip of the dotting tool in tissue paper, dipped it into the polish and placed it straight onto the accent nail. 

Place your flowers randomly on the nail bed
The final look
I'm unsure as to whether the accent nail works without the context of the dress but I absolutely love these colours together. It can be recreated using similar colours should you not have the ones I used to hand. 

What do we think? Will you be wearing Marc Jacobs on your talons any time soon? 

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