Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Thursday Chattery

Hola Thursday, one more day, peeps, one more day!

I should have mentioned at the outset of these Chattery posts that it's absolutely AOK to privately message me dilemmas or questions if you can't log into Google, even anonymously. 

Of course it's a place to chat but I'd love to think that we might be able to help each other out too - if you're a fellow blogger and you have a post that might fit the bill of someone's query do please feel free to leave a link in your comment. That's exactly what a community is about. 

There was a couple of questions in my FB inbox last night and you lovely ladies might be able to help with this first one - I have some ideas too but let's see what everyone thinks: 

'Hi CherrySue, I hope its ok to write to you with a question for your chat post. I'm having some issues with overheating in work and its really starting to get me down. 
I'm not a skinnyminny by any means but I shower twice a day, use every deo I can think of and still by lunch I feel I need to wash again. I don't think anyone has noticed but I do and it seems to be on my mind all the time. 
Could you or anyone advise as to the best product for me? Any help will be a help. Thanks. 

So, ladies (& gents if you're there) - Have you any advice for B? Have you used something that you think might help her out? 
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