Tuesday, 28 January 2014

L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Powder & BB Concealer

The L'Oréal Nude Magique range has been a little hit and miss for me. While the BB Blush, with its likeness to Smashbox's O blush was perfectly serviceable, the CC Creams were far too highly pigmented in the orange direction. The Eau de Teint foundation (AKA the closest dupe you'll ever find to Armani's Maestro) however blew my socks off and still does. The next two additions to the line up are the 5 in 1 Nude Magique BB Powder and the Nude Magique BB Concealer. 

Firstly the BB Powder housed in a sturdy little throw in your mála style compact is surprisingly light to the touch. The hidden sponge and mirror underneath adds a little wieght but makes it ideal for travel. I had concerns about there only being two colours available and had I skin on either end of the tone spectrum I still would be. 

Light Skin Tone suits me perfectly though and the buildable, lightweight coverage can easily just be applied to the areas needed. I've worn this both over my own BB cream (Origins) to eliminate shine but also on its own and I'm pretty darn impressed. The matte texture is not averse to several layers and does appear to minimise pores so a couple of swipes of this and your no make up make up look is good to go. L'Oréal are claiming 8 hours wear but I haven't fully tested that yet. 

With their first roll on applicator the Nude Magique BB Concealer gave me flashbacks to the CC cream grimace with its slightly orange tinged formulation. I was full sure that this one wouldn't be for me as I'm all for lighter than light under eye concealers. Containing mineral pigments, I was pretty taken aback when applied under my eyes that it blended in beautifully and matched my skin tone regardless. 

The metal ball means it's cooling on the eye area so will combat puffiness but for the size of my under eye suitcases I'll be using this as a top up over my own concealer (Estée Lauder's Double Wear) to add some cooling brightness.  

The RRP on these are €9.99 & €12.99 respectively but you'll pick them up for a decent amount of sheckles cheaper on Superdrug here

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