Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Wednesday Chattery

Howaya Wednesday, delighted to see you so soon in the week. 

The Chattery was a little slow yesterday and for that I apologise - I was off gallivanting, without promoting the chat so truly, soz. {though will share ALL of the photos of my escapades as soon as they come through}. Aaron was busy at the screening of Dallas Buyers Club  and truly reckons Jared Leto has an Oscar shot this year - he'll have a review up Friday and it sounds like a doozy.  

What are you up to this Wednesday then, back in work? On the doss? I'm heading to a Google Analytics masterclass this evening because I genuinely haven't the foggiest - all tips and tricks are gratefully accepted though. 

For now? Let's get our chat on!


Sue Jordan said...

Morning All,

Did you see poor @AislingCahill's DPD tweet?

While nine is nothing as bad, i did have a nightmare with NightLine at Christmas having ordered from Debenhams.

I got a voice message notification at 2pm and it was a courier saying he called at 12pm (the phone said otherwise), that he was in the area and if I wanted my delivery to call him?!

Of course I called immediately, he swore up and down that he'd been at my door, I was housebound all day so 'eh, no you weren't' - I asked him why he hadn't left a slip and he said it wasn't their policy!

I told him my packages were Christmas gifts and that I would be ringing Debenhams immediately - his response? 'Well I'm 10 minutes away now if you want to come meet me' SERIOUSLY!

Turns out, he was just beside my parent's house (by pure chance) so I asked him to deliver them there and told him I'd be taking it further.

He dropped the delivery to my parents' and said - 'Susan isn't around today, could you take these?'

In the words of Catherine Tate's Granny 'What a Fahhhhhhhhhhkin LIBERTY!'

Have you a delivery tale of woe? Do share...

S said...

Poor Aisling, I was sick when I saw her tweet. /unfortunately I've had a bad experience with Nightline with a Debenhams delivery too - he refused to come to the house and dropped it in a phone shop in town. Debenhams were lovely and very apologetic but I've never ordered from them since based on that, really don't want to use them. Also Fastway - ordered all my Santa presents there a few years ago and got a call from a ladyabout 10 miles away to say there were a load of Littlewoods packets behind her garden wall. If she hadn't been decent enough to ring me from the number on them, that was Christmas fecked. Again Fastway this Christmas - a different driver left all my orders in the local shop & never notified me, then I ordered a skirt in a sale and he rang me going "For fuck sake, could you not order everything together, I haven't fucking time to drive out there, we're fucking busy, if you've anything else ordered just tell me now and I'll hang on to this and drop them all out to the shop together." Told him I didn't want them dropped to the shop, I want them dropped to my house (which is 10 minutes drive from the shop) - "I'll look for the house the next time, I haven't fucking time for this now". Another time there was no phone number on the packages for whatever reason and I ended up having to track him down via the website and ring him, to hear a laugh and "yeah that's on and off the van all week, I knew you'd track me down if you wanted me". Hence I do not order from any company who use Fastway anymore either, which means no Littlewoods or Pixy Natural or anything. Will not do it. DPD shocked me, they've always been okay here. My GLS man is lovely too.

Anonymous said...

I saw that alright, poor Aisling!

The place I used to work used Nightline all the time and they were great. Had an experience with "OOPS" over Christmas though, they couldn't deliver something to me because I wasn't listed on the building directory apparently.

I live in a bungalow up a feckin' back road, not a high rise apartment block, nice try lads!

When I phoned to find out where it was they gave the reason above again and when I pointed out that there was no building directory, just a little house in the country and if they couldn't find it, they probably should have called, they said they didn't have my phone number. Really? And they wouldn't think of calling the sender to get the customer details like?

The pressie eventually arrived on the 6th of January and guess what? My phone number was on the original paperwork attached to the box.

But holy jaysus, that is NOTHING compared to what happened with Aisling this morning!