Monday, 27 January 2014

The Monday Chattery with a Little 'Get Involved' Incentive!

Look at that, a snazzy personalised new header for The Chattery with huge Thanks to Stasia, my State side designer. What do we make of it? 

Our viewing numbers have been phenomenal over the past couple of weeks but comments haven't always reflected that so I thought we'd make a proper go of this forum and help each of you come out of your shells a bit. 

Our place to chat about anything and everything, be it beauty, life, work and laughs - I'd love to see it build into a little community so we can not only help and support one another but find truthful answers to questions we're a little intimidated to ask our mates. 

At a Web Summit a fortnight ago I chatted with a rep from One 4 All vouchers and they've agreed that The Chattery is something that could see being beneficial so we're in the process of having that beautiful header transferred onto a months worth of €20 vouchers!

Each week we'll choose one Chatter to be the lucky recipient of the voucher and all you have to do to be in the running is comment (!) - be that asking a question, posting a view or even helping a fellow Chatter out. Good idea, right? 

Tell me then, what were you up to for the weekend? and/or What do you make of all this? 

Let's get our Chat on!
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