Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Origins Incredible Spreadable and Ginger Burst Review - Spice Up Your Life!

I may have found out just why the gingerbread man was running just as fast as he could, I'm fairly certain he'd gotten a sniff of Origins Incredible Spreadable and Ginger Burst for the spiciest, warmest shower that he'd gladly give his gumdrop buttons to repeat. I'm with you Gingy, I'm with you all the way. 

Origins Ginger Burst: €25 here
Not only ginger but lemon, lime and bergamot make Origins Ginger Burst one of the most invigorating body washes I've used. Rich and creamy, this savoury wash lathers softly and leaves the most beautifully subtle ginger scent behind on the skin. 

Paraben and mineral oil free, this creamy body wash is suitable for all skin types. I was never one for ginger scents but truly, Ginger Burst has converted me. 

Origins Incredible Spreadable: €31.50 here
This new formula for Origins Incredible Spreadable Smoothing ginger Body Scrub is almost solid as it leaves the tube as it's chock full of natural sugars for gently scrubbing and exfoliating the skin. More like fizzy lemon sherbet to my nose than ginger, I use this on dampened scrubby gloves to really up the buffing ante. 

Again, paraben and mineral oil free, this scrub is not only gentle enough to use every day but leaves the skin so silky soft that you could forgo a body cream altogether.

Never one to miss out on a good slather though, I've been using L'Occitane's Almond Body Milk after both of these ginger beauts and the combination is nothing short of incredible. My skin is silky soft and smells exactly like Lebkuchen - you know those feckin' delicious German Christmas bikkies? I smell just like 'em. 

So enamoured am I with these ginger offerings that I've already scouted a gift set here for a lucky someone for Crimbo and with the €50 price tag, for both tubes (100ml each), Ginger Essence Sensuous Scent AND a 125ml tub of Ginger Soufflé, I'll be buying a second set for myself with my Debenhams points. No doubt. 

My normal 'sweet tooth' when it comes to ablutions has been well and truly ousted with Origins Ginger -  Are you a savoury scents fan when it comes to showering? 


Unknown said...

That is the cutest lil gingerbread man and I totally agree, these products are YUM

Unknown said...

I really want the Gingy teddy!!

Unknown said...

I love the gingerman! So cute and these products sound lovely! I need to go smell that weird? x

Anonymous said...

These sound amazing!! Could you please tell us where you got the gingerbread man teddy too? I've a friend who LOVES ginger and the incredible spreadable scrub and teddy would make the perfect gift for her!! thanks cherry, I've never been organised this early for Christmas!