Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Elemis Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow - Review

Peppered through the blog posts of Summer of 2013 were umpteen mentions of Elemis' Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow. Review after review extolling the virtues of the luxurious scrub that was like heaven in a resealable jar. At €52 a pop though, this purchase was one I had to carefully consider for quite a while and remind myself of the subtle differences between 'need' and 'want' (if you saw my bathroom cabinets you'd understand). 

Unsurprisingly to anyone that knows me, having caught several more sightings of this Salt Glow in May, June AND July beauty favourites videos I finally caved. €52 was spent and Elemis was on its way. 'Mineral rich salts and hibiscus cleanse and exfoliate, whilst an infusion of exotic Tahitian monoi oil and frangipani flowers seal in moisture leaving your skin delicately fragranced', I read over and again as I eagerly awaited my chance to pop open the frosted glass jar of luxury. Being a big fan of every Elemis product I've tried to date, I was full sure I'd be in the immediate love. 

At first pop I wasn't overly enthused but I can be like that with scents, take Estée Lauder's my HG perfume brand's recent scent Modern Muse for example, I smell nothing, NOTHING, so although a little let down, the subtly scented Fangipani Monoi Salt Glow would be put through its paces regardless. When it comes to performance, this scrub is one of the most luxurious I've tried, hands down. It melts on contact with the skin and buffs rather than scrubs, leaving behind the faintest scent of the frangipani flowers and a light sheen from the monoi oil. 

Having loved my first couple of uses, sparingly, I was pretty aghast when I opened the jar for a weekly treat and found this! A hock of scrub taken from the centre, without any of the love I'd shown it. When Adam (16) came sauntering in that evening I caught him - 'Well? How does your skin feel?, Isn't it gorgeous?'. His response? 'Ah, it's grand but I smell like those plastic aliens that I used to grow when I was young' RAGE but then.. slowly.. recognition. 

I couldn't put my finger on the scent initially but Adam managed it in an instant, Elemis Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow will be (and is) heaven for 90's kids. The soft, subtle scent is identical to those mini alien, jelly filled pods of that decade - by no means is that unpleasant, it's just not what I expected. 

Needless to say this scrub has been stashed for special use, if he can't appreciate the skin softening magic it provides then it would be literally wasted on him. So I get to add my tuppence to the many, many Monoi reviews. While it's not one I reach for automatically, when my skin needs an extra pamper I'm cracking open Elemis. 

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Unknown said...

I am also a big Elemis fan, I used to have the frangipani oil, which I liked the smell of. It is pricey for a scrub though. Like the jar