Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday's Moments: 25/11/13

Morning, Monday, you were pretty quick coming around again, weren't you? 

You may keep your trademark blues though as these here are 5 Moments from the past week that mean I'm all about the silver linings today:  

1. Traffic Genius

While stuck on a side road for almost ten minutes, three cars behind, running late and with zero chance of getting out to the main road, we were a bit concerned when the driver in front leapt from his car and ran off. 

Looking around to see what was going on, (were we to be extras in Love/Hate?) I saw him stop at the pedestrian light for the main road, press it three times and leg it back to his car. Lo and behold inside of a minute the pedestrian light turned green and we were given a filter. I was aghast, then I was impressed - very impressed. Thank you, random traffic ledgebag!

2. Embarrassing Bee Baw

While waiting roadside for a cab last week, the Sis and I weren't paying much attention to the fumbling teens huggin' and a muggin' (sucking face) on the corner. That was until an ambulance approached gave a short sharp blast of their siren and the most Dublin accent I've heard came on the intercom speaker to shout 'GERROF HER!!' followed by a muffled fit of laugher. 

I'm not sure who found it funnier, the lads in the ambulance, us watching on or any one of the people in the area at the time - not the poor teens though - 'Scarleh' is not the word!

3. Scarlet for my Own Ma!

In the second 'scarleh' related Moment and the second to feature the Sister, this one takes place in Fitzsimon's Hotel where I was to meet her. Running a little late as I missed my stop, I was trying to adjust myself and my heat belt as we left the bar together. 

'Are you OK?' she shouted over the live band, 'Ah I'm grand' I shouted back, 'Just feels like I'm wearing a..' *bands cuts out* (I'm still shouting) TENA LADY!'. Seriously, bandy back or not I hotfooted it out of there. Morto. 

4. My Precious

Any true beauty fan will tell you that once in a while (or all the shaggin' time) there comes a product that is so beautiful it invades your mind, haunts your day, seems to be in everyone's collection but yours and basically turns into your obsession until you can feel it in your very own mitts. For me, this past few months, it's been the limited Tarte Off the Cuff Amazonian Clay blush palette. 

I wasn't going to do a full review as this stunner has already sold out, I managed to get mine through a tipsy eBay purchase (paying €50 with delivery) but should you want to see it (and you should) lemme know in the comments. For now, I kid you not, this precious has been put back into its packaging, ALL of its packaging and I allow myself a little look now and then. I never claimed to be sane when it comes to make up!

5. Escahpay!

I mentioned on Twitter a few weeks back that himself (the clever sausage like him) had won a weekend break to a 4* hotel but we were undecided as to where to head. Killashee House Hotel's funny tweets to me and a hearty recommendation from several family and friends made that decision pretty easy. 

We've literally just arrived home from a weekend of idyllic beauty, opulent surroundings, glorious spa treatments, stunning food and ridiculously friendly staff. I genuinely haven't felt this relaxed or this contented in months, long before my bandy back tales of woe. If you're considering a staycation or even just a tasty lunch, get thee to Naas and Killashee House Hotel. We'll certainly be going back... many, many times. 

Tell me, what's making your Monday bearable? Any Moments to share? 


Unknown said...

hahahaha that ambulance driver is my new hero!!!

Makeup Monster said...

That Tarte Blusher palette is amazing but loving the Tena Lady moment!

Unknown said...

A small part of me died inside when I read the Tena Lady comment.

Nurse Fancy Pants said...

I was chuckling away to myself reading this last night and himself wanted to know what I was laughing at so we both ended up laughing at the ambulance story and the Tena lady one (the latter, more so me; he didn't know what Tena Lady was. Bless). Anyways, thanks for the laughs! :)