Friday, November 22, 2013

The Day of the Doctor: Tomorrow's the DAY!

See that up there? That there has had my heart racing for about two months now, and even though I failed in my quest to watch 5 and a half seasons of Dr. Who in a week (Dammit college!!) it won't stop me going absolutely crazy to see this!!

The Day of the Doctor is finally here, and it's going to be magnificent. It has Tennant returning, it has Billie Piper returning, and it looks INCREDIBLE! Finally it seems all Whovians will now see the darker side to the Doctor, the side that seemed to be a part of Eccleston's and was hinted at by Tennant's, and it looks like the Bad Wolf will make a return!

Peter Capaldi (an OSCAR winner) will take over the reigns as the 13th Doctor, and looking at his track record and the expectation of what his incarnation will be it should be fantastic! Sadly my personal favourite Doctor, Eccleston, won't be in this, but just watching that trailer has me counting the hours till I can go to the cinema and watch the new Doctor's repressed life come to light in 3D!

As you can probably tell by this ADHD-like post and everything ending in an exclamation mark, I'm DYING to see this and I'll be watching as much Dr. Who as I can fit in between now and 7:50 tomorrow in preparation for the show. So everybody get your screwdrivers, get your oversized scarves, and get ready to meet the new Doctor! I'm off to find a victim to drag with me, but I will have a review for it ASAP!

The (sigh..) Eldest Gorgebag


Beautiful Living said...

I am so excited :) Love your idea of re-watching it... just might have to go on a dr who binge now! Enjoy tomorrow!

Felicity said...

I've been on countdown too....