Thursday, November 21, 2013

Things that Rustle my Jimmies

Oh Thursday, how quickly you came around this week - it was almost as if there was no time for my Jimmies to be Rustled at all - Almost BUT NOT QUITE!!

Here's five things that need to be shared in the interest of public safety: 

1. One person false hyena laughing so loud in a restaurant that it disturbs everyone !

 photo 6-fight-rude_zps1b6d5c03.gif

2. Telling someone something interesting 

and they say 'Yeah' 


 photo oh-no-you-didnt_zpsd7432a6a.gif

3. People that deliberately ignore older passengers
 so they don't have to give up their seat!

 photo george-takei_zps2a512096.gif

4. People that use their buggies 
as battering rams on busy streets

 photo comeatmebitch2011_zps9f4f4f5c.gif
5. 'But writing free content for us
 is GREAT exposure for you!'

 photo C4VFU4x_zps3f68d7a0.gif
And with that I can breathe again. Don't forget to let me know what's getting your goat and rustling your jimmies this week - it truly does help to share! 


ronniediaries said...

Hahaha, this is so true! That black swan gif.. Oh my.. Didnt laugh so hard for ages. This is one of the coolest posts I've seen in a while. Great blog!

Unknown said...

nah the buggies one is deserved. because as you so rightly commented in one of these posts ages ago. people that just stop for no reason while you are walking behind them, get the full brunt of me and nuggs. or those who stop at the top of an escalator. if you dont move im hitting you. and come next week im sharpening the frame of it too so it slices ya ;)