Friday, November 08, 2013

Don Jon - Movie Review

Who's in it?
 and dly

What's it about?

Jersey guy Jon (JGL) is called 'Don Jon' by his two closest friends for one reason; every night he goes out he brings home a different girl. When he meets Barbara (Scarlett Johansson), it's love at first sight and he even agrees to give up his one true love - porn - to keep her.

Any Good?

Don Jon is an odd one for me, when I first watched it (while skyving off college working) I found it clever and funny but on reflection I realise how good a movie it is. The story is actually pretty smart and slick (if a bit predictable), but the real talent of JGL wasn't even the acting, it was the directing.

The opening sequence was brilliantly shot, even if it was porn clips. It was big, loud and flashy ending in a screen full of DONJON, and it really set the mood for the film. The directing of Jon's weekly routine was excellent as well, the same occurrences over and over but each with different random encounters, each more interesting.

He knows what he's doing, and does it well

All parts, and more importantly accents, were executed perfectly, especially Scarlett Johansson's - she may as well be a Jersey girl it was that good. While her and JGL's chemistry did have it's moments, Jon and his father Jon Snr. (Tony Danza) was incredible. In one scene they go from literally about to start windmilling at each other to laughing when the (excellently acted by Glenne Headley) manic mother told them both to shut up and sit down. Julianne Moore was fantastic - she was that one of the night class Jon took (you all know a that one, don't lie)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Tony Danza
I actually can't remember if this is a scene or not

JGL looked great as Jon, a ripped, tan, hair slicked back Jersey boy douche, while Tony Danza was like an older version, just as ripped and tan. I've never been that into Scarlett Johansson, but to use Jon's own words, she is a DIME. But even then, Julianne Moore isn't to be outdone because she herself looked damn fine as Esther as well.

Great new romcom story, fantastic acting and even better directing make Don Jon to be a truly lovable film, even if predictable. If you're not on the Joseph Gordon-Levitte bandwagon yet you should be, and after this film you may very well find yourself looking for a seat aboard. I love any feedback on the review or movie itself, so drop a comment below or on Facebook/Twitter, I read them all and love it. 

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S said...

Great review, big fan of JGL. Completely mixed up windmilling & motorboating when I read that, I don't think that's something I'd want to see. Gives a whole new meaning to hold me closer Tony Danza...

Nurse Fancy Pants said...

I love JGL so will definitely be seeing this. Can't believe Tony Danza is in it!! Great review.