Tuesday, November 19, 2013

NOTD: Rimmel Precious Stones - Diamond Dust

I'm a firm believer in the term 'Glitter, it's not just for Christmas' but Rimmel have knocked it out of the park this holiday season with their Precious Stones polishes. This one pictured is Diamond Dust and I'm a little bit infatuated. 

Taken in dimmer light you can see that the sparkle is very wearable and isn't about to take the eye of anyone. But once the light catches this glitter, it truly comes to life. 

I used two thin coats over a base of Essie's Vested Interest (dark green) but the glitters in Diamond Dust are so densely packed into the charcoal jelly polish that you genuinely can't tell. I'd recommend a dark base regardless as worn alone, the polish can seem a little sheer, that and glitter is a pigdog for scratching the nail bed when being removed.  

As with all thick glitter polishes, Precious Stones is gritty to the touch so you'll need a topcoat to even it out, brighten the glitter (as if it needed it) and prolong wear time. Again, glitter is a fickle mare when it comes to chipping but two coats of this with a Seche Vite top coat meant I got three straight days with zero chips. I used my remover of choice, Cutex Moisture and it rubbed right off with no scrathcing or fluting about. 

There's two colours in the Rimmel Precious Stones line this and Ruby Crush (red & silver), they're €5.49 each but on 3 for 2 at the moment in Boots and you'll find 'em here. 

Are you a glitter fan when it comes to nails? Liking the look of Precious Stones? 


Breige said...

As such a glitter magpie Sue, I'm surprised it took you so long to discover these! ;) They've been out for a year, I got them last year and I love them, perfect for Christmas! :) http://rare-opal.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/rimmel-precious-stones-nail-polish.html

B said...

This looks great Sue! I love glitter too, love using Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Bejewelled. Precious Stones looks so pretty :-)

Unknown said...

want want WANT!!!

Unknown said...

On the wishlist thanks baby girl