Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday's Moments: 18/11/13

Happy Monday, all, how did the weekend treat you? Judging by the number of 'Sunday night fear' tweets in my timeline, I'm guessing very, very well. 

It's been a slowish week here at Casa Cherry but as ever here's five Moments that are chasing away my Monday blues: 

1. Discovery of the Year!

Two months ago I made the switch from Sky TV (after 10 years with them) and went with UPC's new Horizon subscription package. Suffice to say it's been the worst decision I've made in a very long time and there have been some doozies! 

The box hasn't worked since day one, with the picture pixelating, changing colour and skipping transmission every 3 minutes, needing the box to be rebooted every time. Horizon have told me 'there's nothing to be done until Engineering come up with a solution to this issue that many customers are having'. Effectively, I have an expensive unusable box that's sitting gathering dust and rendering my TV useless too. 

This week though, Aaron made a great discovery, he fiddled about with the settings and set up a home network! This means I can watch all programs, movies, music videos and youtube vids from my PC on the bog screen! I'm like a goggle eyed kid once more and stuck home for the duration, that's an awesome feeling. 

2. Making My Day

If I'm honest, I've very rarely interacted with someone on Twitter or through the blog that was anything less than lovely, that could be down to luck or the fact that I've just jinxed myself but for two years now CherrySue has been a troll free zone. 

On the other end of the scale, I've 'met' people that I've genuinely warmed to and would absolutely consider friends. Compliments from friends feel hella good, right? Well this little gem from Northern lovely Wendie has resonated with me all week. It's tweets like this very one that make the whole website schlepp (I exaggerate of course) all worthwhile. Consider my cockles well and truly warmed!

3. Let there be Homemade Light!

Any blogger at this time of the year will tell you the frustrations of the shorter daylight hours, the aeons of wasted evening time that can only produce the crappest of pictures, use to neither man nor beast. 

This week I came up with a plan to solve that, I (eventually) got my mitts on a daylight bulb. See that bastion of handcrafted pine genius it sits in though? My youngest only went and made that for me as a project in Woodwork!! I'm beyond thrilled with the result and of course, he's thrilled every time he sees me use it. Talented little fecker like him. He'll be kept. 

4. Modern Ireland in a Perfectly Timed Pic

Following the BodyShop Christmas event last week, the Sis and I were heading home when my bandy back went into spasm again. We ducked into Bankers bar on Trinity St for a sit down and a fizzy lemonade* before the bus. 

We were only there five minutes when she hopped up and went to the other end of the room, coming back with this shot. Isn't it incredible? Just something about it screams modern Ireland to me. Keep an eye on press this week as she's been contacted by a couple of papers to use the pic, can't say I blame 'em! SHE SHOULD TOTALLY HAVE A BLOG. 



On the second of my two evening maximum excursions this week, we happened to have a night in The Clarence to enjoy, courtesy of RTE and my lovely skin and blister (I haven't seen her so much since we were 15!!)

When checking in we were asked 'Ladies, the penthouse happens to be available tonight, would you like a free upgrade?' Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! Following dins in the Liquor Rooms next door (highly recommended) and the Wine & Style event in Dundrum, we headed home early to enjoy the two bathroom, two bedroom, dining room, full kitchen, two walk in wardrobes and entire hotel front balcony that Bono calls home when he's in town. 

I resisted the urge to write 'Pay your taxes!' on the bathroom mirror to be revealed when the man himself showers there again but, holy smokes that place was nice. easily in my top 3 hotels of mah life! I'm jealous of myself even being there, seriously, I sicken myself.

And that's those, 5 Moments and two events that are brightening my day and even though I haven't been able to walk straight since Friday night (with my back you dirts!), it's all been totally worth it. 

What's going on in your world then? Any silver linings this Autumnal Monday? 

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Unknown said...

Lol you not on your own hunny I have bee Troll free to the past 2 and half years we are just too nice to be bashed I think lol

Dont talk to me about lighting you wanna see me in the morns especially in my pjs outside chasing the sunlight for decent photos lol where did you get the daylight bulb please spill pleeeeez

The picture is amazing wow your sis has a great eye

awwww gurrrlllll did you have to share that last one seriously I am not at all jealous or anything but why why tease us lol