Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Proactiv Anti Blemish 4 Piece Kit: A Four Week Trial - Week 2

So we're into Week two of the Proactiv Gorgebag Challenge and going strong. You can check back on Week one here for the down low on the range and the claims that the Proactiv Anti Blemish 4 Piece Kit have made. I do want to take a minute to Thank you all for the lovely compliments here and on the Twitter machine about this Cutie Patootie, that's really appreciated, by both of us so Ta kindly. So how are we getting on with the challenge eh? 

First some pictures then some observations: 

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On the left, we're looking about the same. Blemishes seem to have come to the surface though and are clearing. That'll be the exfoliation, won't it? 

On the right hand side things have definitely calmed down. There's a little redness but that's because he was scratching his kisser before the picture was taken. Seems more promising from this side. 

Now face on things aren't as clear as we'd like but, realistically, we're only one week in. As the lovely Mary commented last week it took 3 months for her daughter to be blemish free but once she got there she hasn't looked back. (Thanks Mary). 

So we're seeing some changes one week on but nothing too drastic. On a related note though, Adam has been commenting on his skin being extra dry using the kit both night and day but not where you'd think. 

Across his eye area and nose seem to be flaking a little and because we're not going for a flakey Zorro mask at any stage he has started to use less of each product but is keeping up regular use. 

Tune in next Toosdy to see if we've seen an improvement and better still if Adam can come up with an even more slick face on pic (I'm not confident on that score). 

Proactiv Anti Blemish 4 Piece Kit is on sale 
from BeautyFeatures.ie right now for €45.79
should you want to join in our trial. 
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