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May Favourites 2014 ft Argan 5+, Beverly Hills Formula, Etsy, Geox, L'Occitane, Pantene, Nuxe, Rimmel, Shiseido & Stila

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I'll spare you the 'How is it June?!' intro, I'm in a generous mood (I'm thinking it, you're thinking it but I'm sparing you). The month of May 2014 was a mixed bag, beauty wise but as ever there were silver linings to be had. Judging by some of the products I'm using as I type this post up, June has already more than made up for it. I digress, you came here for Favourites and Favourites you shall have!

1. Rimmel Fancy a Dip Nail Polish: £2.99 here (On 3 for 2 too!)

WIN one of five here!

This soft creamy blue polish is just one of the new Tropadelic collection that hit stores in January. Having spotted it a couple of months back, it took me time to warm to the shade though as I kinda feel blue nails of this shade need some sunshine to look their best. 

Having had several compliments from complete strangers and learning that the gorgeous Fleur de Force has had the same when I instagrammed this shade, I can categorically tell you that you need this colour in your collection and on your nails STAT. Much akin to Essie's cult classic Bikini So Teeny, I actually prefer Fancy a Dip, not only for price point but for longevity on the nail. It's a winner. You want it. 

2. Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White: Black: €2.39 Here

When the lovely crowd at Beverly Hills Formula sent me a box stuffed full of gnasher goodies for the Gorgebags and myself, it was the black toothpaste that intrigued each of us right off the bat. Formulated with active charcoal to combat bad breath and proven to whiten teeth effectively, the three of us used it within 10 minutes of opening the box and it's 6 big fat thumbs up from us. 

I noticed my teeth appeared whiter within just 5 days, not only that but my breath feels fresher. There's nothing quite like a bright white smile to brighten your day and the day of those you choose to smile maniacally at too. Within 5 weeks we've used two tubes between 3 of us and will continue to do so when I restock this week. Love. It. 

3. L'Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil: €41 here

There are many scents and products that L'Occitane produce that glide onto my HG list with ease. Divine creams with Immortelle, ANYTHING Cherry obvs and then the Almond collection, the beautiful, beautiful Almond collection. Every time I have a chance at reduced cost L'Occitane goods, it's the Almond collection I stock up on and that's not about to change. 

This new formula Supple Skin Oil is made with more than 50% almond oil, camelina oil and omegas 3 and 6 to nourish and soften the skin. Housed in a heavyweight glass bottle but with a handy spray dispenser, this light, non greasy oil fills the room with scent but absorbs into the skin easily leaving you with the softest, silkiest finish imaginable. Having shared this with my Momma on hols as a pre bedtime skin treat, it was a fight to the almost death (hers) to pack it back into my own bag come home time. I'll certainly be repurchasing and buying her one too. I'm the best child like that. I am!

4.Pantene Pro-V Youth Protect 7 BB Creme £6.99 here

The first of its kind (in a BB sense) on the market, I was dubious to try the Pantene anti-aging hair cream, full sure it was a gimmick. This one I handed over to my Momma and made her promise a full review. How shocked I was when she pulled it from her holiday bag and gushed about its brilliance, forgetting her solemn vow and thinking she'd bought it herself. How very dare she. 

Having used it for the week of holidays and being blown away by the sleek, shiny and altogether more put together grúaig it gave me, I picked one up for myself within days of our return. Lightly scented but packing a serious haircare punch, don't let the BB tag put you off this particular product. Unlike many of its counterparts this is an actual beauty balm worth 5 times its price. 

5. Geox Eleni Zip Lock Wedges, Pearl: €139.99 here

I have waxed lyrical about Purple Tag for weeks now, the Irish site with free delivery and free returns (collected from your doras!), their shoe selection for the whole family is stylish but competitively priced. I'll have a full post with a CherrySue discount code up very soon but I couldn't let May Favourites pass without mentioning my purchase from the site. 

Having been crippled (sometimes literally) with back woes since August, pretty heels or height in general is a distant memory for me. These Geox wedge trainers have changed all of that and then some. The most comfortable yet stylish trainers I've worn, these too have elicited compliments from strangers in the street (well on the bus and at beauty events) and they make me feel a little bit swish again. There's something about a good shoe (or trainer) that just makes you feel good and these do that for me. Thanks Purple Tag, you ledgebags. 

6. Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation: €39 here

I was delighted to receive this little blue bottle of beauty from Shiseido just 2 days before our trip away. Not normally one for any foundation while enjoying the sun, the Factor 30 element intrigued me and I knew I had to try it. 

Water (incl perspiration) and oil resistant, you only need the tiniest amount of this light weight liquid to glide across your entire face. I was genuinely blown away by just how much I like the soft matte appearance of this foundation on my skin. It blends easily and lasts for hours (but do reapply should you be using it as your SPF)(we all know that, right?). 

I've reached for it over any of my other bases once home too, so impressed am I with its colour correcting and tone enhancing skillz. Again, this is one I'll be buying again as soon as its through. Great for those with hyper pigmentation, to conceal the pigment present and prevent further discoloration. Gorgeous stuff altogether. 

7. Argan 5+ Body Butter: €7.98 here (Usually €11.99)

I had thought Argan Oil had had its day once more and more products emblazoned it on their labels but with questionable ingredient lists. There is no denying the luxurious effect it can have on skin and hair though, once blended properly. Argan 5+ have done just that in combining it with 4 other oils, vitamins, omega oils and antioxidants. 

Thick and luxurious to the touch, I found slathering it on aprés shower cocooned my skin and locked in moisture so that every morning I wake up with soft, supple skin, everywhere. Argan 5+ behaves more like a high end body butter than the affordable find that it is and, for that alone, you and your skin need to try it out, tout suite. 

8. Stila Smudge Stick in Deep Burgundy: $8.99 here

Long time Stila Smudge Stick fan, when I saw the Deep Burgundy shade lauded on Cora's (Vintage or Tacky) April Faves video I knew it would be mine. Having stalked the Stila UK site waiting for them to restock, to no avail, I turned to eBay. The seller had it in my mitts within the fortnight and it was love at first smudge. 

Burgundy colours do something pretty incredible to blue/green eyes and this Stila offering is no different. It glides on like silk, gives you a mo or so for smudging and kablammo, it's in place until it's physically removed anything up to 12 hours later. 

More subtle than black but not as obvious as most coloured liner, this is one of the most flattering eyeliners I've ever worn. I'll instagram my súil to show you just why I love it so and why I'm ordering another one this week. Cheers for the heads up Cora & Jamie!

9. Nuxe Sun Refreshing After-sun Lotion: €18.91 here

It's not often you'll find a paraben free, luxury after-sun that's gentle enough to use on both your face and body but Nuxe have come up trumps with their Refreshing After-Sun Lotion as part of their new Nuxe Sun range. 

Formulated, like their SPFs of the same line with water hyacinth, sunflower and carob seed powder (which stimulates melanogenesis and prolongs your natural tan for up to two weeks) it smells divine. The whole family used it following our showers, while away and it felt like giving our skin a much needed drink following long, hot days in the 30 degree sunshine. I'm still using this now, even though we're home and truth be told, were Nuxe to introduce a body lotion without the after-sun element but in this scent, I'd use it forever more. Has to be smelled to be believed. 

10. Handmade Watercolour Floral Infinity Scarf: €15.92 here

There are very few times I'll venture outside the house sans scarf, there's something about their ability to complete an outfit, disguise last minute stains and their innate ability to save the day  that has me hooked. 

Coming into the summer months though, I always change up my scarf selection and as such I hit up Etsy this spring to prepare myself. Cue some of the most beautiful neck adornments I've ever laid eyes upon. This soft focus chiffon infinity scarf is one of the most flattering I own and goes with pretty much everything. I've paired it with jersey tops and coloured skinnys to add a little class to an otherwise casual look and worn it over work blouses to soften up the edge. Either way you slice it, it's a win. 

Yep I bought several scarves aswell as this one, it'd be rude not to at €15 but each are truly unique. You're not about to see 25 identical ones on the Luas, as you do when you make your scarf purchases in Penney's or the like... Unless of course you all buy this one now that I've pointed it out... You would do that, wouldn't you?

And that's them, my May Faves. Anything catching your fancy? 

If you've put together a May Favourites post or vid do please feel free to leave a link in the comments below and I'll check it out. I'm all about being enabled as well as enabling you know..

Happy June, everyone!

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