Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday's Moments - 16/06/14

Oh what a beautiful mooooorning, oh what a beautiful day - what's not to love about the summer months, eh? Sure it's Monday but that means a fresh start and a headlong run into what the week might bring - all good stuff!

The sunshine is certainly lifting my mood but so too are these five Moments that mean Monday blues have vamoosed once again. Catharsis FTW!

1. Cut Price Coffee? Aww Yiss!

You know a product is going to be popular when one tweet about it receives more than 10 retweets in minutes. Lidl, the creative minds behind Secret Garden Dublin have come up with another master stroke. Nespresso compatible coffee pods, for very few pee that are feckin' delish. That ticks all the coffee boxes for me, thanks v much. 

Priced at just €1.99 for 10 (that's just over 20c a cup, coffee nuts), these capsules have replaced my dwindling Nespresso stash nicely and I didn't have to join a poncey queue to get 'em. Two pods over ice with a splash of milk (and occasionally a dash of caramel syrup) have been keeping me going all week & saving me a forch. Well played, Lidl, well played!

2. InstaThrilled

I was hella late to the Instagram party, despite people telling me how much I'd love it (soz, Karen). I bit the bullet last year though and you know what? Everyone was right - addicted. 

I use the instant, pic sharing, double tap mecca for micro blogging - that is sharing sneak peeks of products as they're wrestled from the postie, mini reviews, swatches and snippets of behind the scenes at events. I LOVES IT. It helps that I can creep on everyone else's pics too. This past week I passed 1000 followers, I know in the grand scheme of things that's not huge but pour moi? It makes me happy dance lik dis *does Mr Plough hip thrusts*. Come check out our carry on here  & leave your Insta below if you'd like me to check yours out too!

3. You Made Your Mother Cry...

I often share pictures, videos & threats that the Gorgebags send me daily because, frankly, they're hilarious but Aaron this weekend managed to make me blub with just one PM. 

I know there has been backlash about single mams being mentioned on Father's Day but you know what? Screw those guys. It's damn near impossible pulling double duty when your little ones are still little and yep, there were days I honestly couldn't see the light but truthfully, Moments like this remind me how far we've come and how great a job we've done together. 

If you're parenting on your own and struggling, take heart, it gets so much easier, I wouldn't have our lives any other way now and you'll feel the same way very soon, I promise. 

4. Tuesday's Travels

Speaking of parenting powerhouses, we made a little (ie HUGE) announcement on site yesterday and yep, it's a Moment and a half. My own little Sis, Corrina is joining the Cherry ranks and has signed up to be our getaway expert!

If there's a tip or trick about getting a better deal or picking the right destination in holidays then Stone Travel herself is the one to ask. So that's exactly what I did, I asked. Tuesday's Travels starts tomorrow, you can catch the intro post here. We're hoping that it'll be uplifting and informative and will give you (and your kidlets if you have 'em) the inspiration to pack a bag and see some of the world. YAY SIS!


One of the pinnacles of an already kick ass week had to be the email to confirm that we have been chosen as one of the eight finalists in the Aussie Blog Awards, sponsored by (check out what they said about little ol' us), not only that but we're in the running for Reader's Choice Award too!

Aussome Company to be in!!
If you know me, or you just read Moment 3 up there, you'll know that things like this are just not what I saw for us only a few years ago. I never imagined I'd find something I love doing so much and turn out to be pretty decent at doing it too. Even more astoundingly, people would like the cut of our jib so much that it would literally change the life we live and the future we now look forward to. That right there blows my mindhole, every single day. 

If you took the time to vote for us, I want to thank you, sincerely. If you'd like to vote for us in the Reader's Choice category, then I'm afraid I might have to kiss you, sloppily, at the party, bring your kissing lips! 

Tell me this and tell me no more - 
What the Moment kicking your Monday Blues 
in the shins?

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