Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday's Moments - 23/06/14

Ah Monday, you almost escaped me. Not quite though. I've been counting my blessings more this weekend than any other - preparing for the Aussie Blog Awards tonight, where I've been nominated as Most Aussome Beauty Blog AND Reader's Choice and packing myself and the Gorgebags up ready to visit my eldest broseph in Wales. It's always nice to take time to take stock though, right? 

Here's the five Moments that've meant zero Monday Blues pour moi: 

1. Al Fresco Dining

There's my Modcloth owly lunchbag, innit cute? 
You'd have to be living under a particularly large rock not to have noticed the glorious weather we've been having on the Emerald isle. Yep, we need all that rain to keep the isle emerald in the first place but isn't the sun a tonic? 

I know I've cut right down on office hours to concentrate on freelance and digital work but it's still a killer being chained to a desk in 30 degree heat. Managing to escape to the park for a 45 minute sojourn so has been a godsend. Viva la sunshine! 

2. Moonstones & Mommas

It was during a particularly poop day last week that I got a text from my Momma, the Elder Cherry herself asking if I fancied a coffee. 'Absolutely', says I, 'C'mom over'. 

When she got here she pulled out a little velvet pouch with a 'just because' gift (my favourite kind). She'd been working on new necklace designs and because of my fascination with moonstones had decided to rustle up a little something lovely for me. Isn't. It. FAB?

 3. Summer Solstice Awesomeness

Mid Summer, Summer Solstice, Date Night,
We got a last minute gift on the summer solstice (Saturday gone) from the very gorgeous and very generous Ellen of Waxperts fame - two tickets to the Dublin Zoo Midsummer BBQ!

Myself and my favourite eldest son readied ourselves and headed down for a fabulous evening with a VIP after hours tour, BBQ and DJ till late. The Zoo has always been a favourite spot of ours, I used to clock off work and pick up the boys from junior school and head down every single day there was fine weather. We hadn't been in years and can't thank Ellen enough for the Momma/Son date night with a difference. 

4. Tahitian Talons

Having spent lastnight out catching up with family and LOLing our chops off, I had zero plans for this morning. That's when I got a mail to remind me of my manicure and tan booked in Bespoke Beauty in Donnybrook, courtesy of Sally Hansen. 

Of course my plans for tidying the kitchen flew out the window as the taxi pulled up to whisk me away to an afternoon of pampering. I don't think I'll ever stop being blown away by the fact that I get to do such genuinely lovely things on a normal day like a Monday. It won't ever stop being head-shakingly surreal. Thanks, Ladies! 

5. 4,000 FTW

Talking about surreal, the site hit another fabulous milestone today - 4,000 Facebook likes!
I'm absolutely thrilled as I love to work on that page as much as I do the blog itself and use it to share hilarity, videos, pics and have a LOL or two with everyone that comments daily. 

I've already planned some fab surprises to give back a little something to all of you that check in regularly. That's only fair, right? You can check out the page and the current amazing summer giveaway here. 4,000 peeps can't be wrong, wha? 

Tell me, what's chasing away your Monday blues today? 

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