Friday, August 07, 2015

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation - Movie Review

Who's In It?

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What's It About?

With the IMF dissolved, Ethan Hawke must risk himself and friends to uncover the syndicate, a terrorist group with a leader that beats him at every turn.

Any Good?

From the outset it really struck me that Mission: Impossible is a Pierce Brosnan era James Bond movie series to contrast with the super serious Daniel Craig Bond films we have now, and it definitely enjoyed it all the more with that in mind - not that this is as meh as Brosnan Bond was.

I really liked Simon Pegg in this, he was genuinely funny while playing a guy who had a taste of the field and hates being chained to a desk. A lot of his humour was subtle looks and it made some shots so much better seeing his quiet reaction in the back.

The supporting characters were great as well, Alec Baldwin was throwing around the speeches he does so well, Jeremy Renner was clever and sly as the rep for IMF, but my favourite had to be Ving Rhames - He was hilarious as the tech genius throwing slights at Renner with every second line.

After watching this I am more than ready for Spectre later this year  - I would recommend this for just the part in the opera, it was timed fantastically with the music and the gadgets were great. 


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