Friday, August 28, 2015

No Return - Movie Review

Who's In It?

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What's It About?

When Luke Wilson uproots his family from Texas and moves to generic East Asian country, the Prime Minister is killed and the "protesters" start killing every non-national (Americans basically) they can find.

Any Good?

In the beginning I thought this movie was a film that was just good but had the potential to be fantastic, until I read this Cracked article that is - it's basically a zombie movie.

There is no personality to 98% of characters in this movie, every one of the native population is a zombie that wants to kill Owen Whispertalk Wilson and his family, who fall victim to the same problem. The only people with any semblance of character are Pierce Brosnan and his mate Kenny Rodgers, and even then Brosnan is just knock off James Bond in it for like 15 minutes and Rodgers is a gimmick.


The only really redeeming thing about this movie to me is some of the scenes when there isn't running or explosions, like one such scene where Owen Wilson is walking around the city - but even that was done just slightly off. They shot the entire movie on drab and dreary days, it would look beautiful in parts if there was just some sun or even a slight tint.

This movie is the definition of meh to me - it's okay and could have been a lot better with just a little work on the visuals (never mind the characters), the best scene is one after a tank attack, it's beautifully done with a sunset lighting up a dusty room. All in all it's just okay, but I wouldn't pay full price to see it.


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