Friday, April 18, 2014

Clint Eastwood to Direct Screen Adaptation of Hit Musical Jersey Boys!

 ALL MORNING I've been told to watch this trailer by my Mother - I was literally woken up to 'Clint Eastwood is directing a Jersey Boys movie!'.

Now I've never seen the Broadway show, but it certainly is a favourite with the family as you can see with Mother Dearest nearly having a aneurysm over it. Clint Eastwood is directing and with Grand Torino being the last of the films he directed that I have seen and with one of my favourite actors in Christopher Walken having a main part I'm intrigued by the film myself.

There's a Scorsese feel to production with travelling shots, speaking to camera and overall narrative. Give the trailer a watch and let us know if you're excited to see it too.  

It releases in the US on June 22nd - no word on the Irish release date but it should be soon after.

The (sigh..) Eldest Gorgebag

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