Friday, April 25, 2014

Game of Thrones - Impressions So Far (NO SPOILERS)

After having spent the last week catching up on Season 3 in breaks between last minute college work, I am HOOKED yet again.
I had originally watched the first two season religiously and read the first book, but due to the Leaving I just kind of stopped.

The first three episodes of have been HUGE in terms of events for main characters. Having already had the biggest moments spoiled for me by those scoundrels over at imgur, I had expected a lull in the show but sweet baby jehziz I was wrong. With Stannis being the total manipulated mess he is in the show and Jon Snow and the wildlings doing the SAME. THING. OVER. AND. OVER; the real highlights of the show for me has been Daenerys Abraham Lincoln'ing her way towards Westeros and growing her army and dragons has been a real treat as a supporter of House Targaryen. I have also newfound love for both Jaime Lannister and The Hound, with The Hound being hilarious as of late and even in spite of the shows making Jaime look like a monster for things that weren't even in the book.

I would definitely recommend the latest three episodes and to get hype for the next as while it does look slow, that's a George R.R. Martin trick and that man is evil Santa Claus.

The (sigh..) Eldest Gorgebag


Eleanorjane said...

WHY did they do something that goes so far against the book and against the character of Jaimie?! Do they want us to hate him for some reason? He's supposed to be an increasingly sympathetic character...

I do hope there's some good reason for this. We shall see.

Breige said...

The Hound has been very funny so far! Really like the whole him and Ayra thing

Ricky R said...

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