Monday, April 07, 2014

The IFTAs 2014 - From Inside the Room

Yep, ye may have been expecting Monday's Moments today and certainly there has been plenty of fodder, such as: 

  • Being Nominated for Ireland's Top Beauty Read Here
  • Adam, the Youngest Gorgebag being given Student of the Year for his Sports Contribution (!)
  • Diesel having his first at home mani/pedi/groom in the Mobile Madra Groomer
  • Speaking in front of a crowded @DubNetBiz about Social Media and Online Presence and not choking or falling down steps in the process. 
But, the truth is, nothing can outshine Saturday evening and especially Saturday night for the Schvister and I as we dolled up and popped along to the 11th IFTA Awards in The Double Tree Hilton, Thanks to The Loop in Dublin Airport. 

We started with Champers, lunch and MAC makeovers in Terminal 1 of the Airport, had it not been for the excitement of possibly catching a glimpse of some movie faves then I'd have wept at the cruelty of going to the airport without ever leaving the tarmac. Truth be told though, Lisa from the Loop and Rebecca Todd (MAC's Asst Mgr) made us feel and look like a million bucks. Thanks Gals. 

In our room at The Double Tree, adding the final touches
The Double Tree Hilton was a hive of activity when we arrived to check in. Cars pulled up, guests leapt out and the crowd cheered. The legend himself, Colm Meaney was diligently signing every single autograph and thanking everyone for coming out to see the show. He's the only one we saw, a lone legendary wolf, though we were rushing. 

Behind the scenes at the IFTA red carpet
Arrivals to the red carpet started at 5pm and went on for one hour before a small army of bell ringing men were sent out to round up the herds and get us to our seats, of which there were very, very many. (See top pic for ONE THIRD of the room). Air kisses given, cross bar salutes done and it was bums on seats and doors locked at 6pm, we were all set for the off. The off never came. 

Moet at every table and topped up on the regular WITH free wine of choice
Tables were beautifully adorned and Ruby Woo stuffed MAC goody bags were nestled on chairs (more on that later). It would be very hard to quantify the amount of free drink that flowed on Saturday evening but I'm going to go with 'A whole hape' - that sounds right. 

President Michael D accepting his award
While yes, there was a great buzz in the room on the build up to the awards and the drink was flowing like bejebus, it has to be pointed out that there was zero soakage. Not a bite. There had been tales told of bread rolls as we sat down but nay a sighting of one. The noise production in the room was so bad and the starting delayed so long that it took several moments before anyone realised we had. 

Truly, if you think the noise was bad on the TV, it was NATHIN' compared to in the room. It seemed the entire and vast audience were individually mic'd. We could barely make out as nominees announced and winners awarded. 

The cameras and TVs set up around the room were completely out of sync and often not working at all so it was difficult to tell if there was someone on one of two of the tiny stages unless it was a bigger star and the entire audience hushed, even us sub-human hangers on that Irish meeja has referred to over the past few days. Thanks, Lads. 

After several retakes, a lot of false starts, almost every joke falling flat, many cries for food, ALL the glasses refilled for the umpteenth time, the cold starter being served at 10pm and subsequently forgotten (only to be followed by a main at 11.25pm), the award ceremony came to an end and that's when the fun started. 

Ready for pics?

First time wearing MAC's Ruby Woo - Will NOT be my last!
Any beauty lover worth her salt will appreciate a snap of a well stocked IFTA Loo
Domhnall Gleeson Jack Traynor IFTA 2014 Transformers
First stop at the bar was a chance encounter with Domhnall Gleeson & Jack Traynor
Some of the most amiable peeps I'd the pleasure to meet on the night. I told Domhnall briefly about watching About Time with my Pops when he was ill and thanking him for a cracking film, he was most concerned with how my Dad was now and if he had made a full recovery (true gent). As I was waiting behind Domhnall to be served at the bar, I apologised to Jack for asking an awkward question at the Press Screening of What Richard Did, he remembered immediately and forgave me. Domhnall turned back with a round of shots, 'To Richard!' (our Pops) and I may love him forever because of it. 

Andrew Scott Moriarty, IFTA 2014
Andrew Scott THRILLED to hear that the Eldest Gorgebag is his biggest fan - his Sis was sound too!

King Nidgey AKA Tom Vaughan-Lawlor having the craic with the Sis. 
Brendan Gleeson IFTA 2014
Do I need a caption? No, No I don't. (Calvary won BIG on the night though)
IFTA 2014 Amy Huberman IFTAs
The county's second First Lady and one of the funniest Twitterers I've had the pleasure to meet IRL - HUBES!
Jamie Dornan, 50 Shades, The Fall, IFTA 2014
I'm told I've a very expressive face....
I asked the man of the moment, Jamie Dornan if he's taking it easy with a new little one in the house or going all out to celebrate. He still hadn't decided. F yer I - he smells incredible!

All credit to the little Sis, she grabbed Fassy first!
IFTA, Michael Fassbender, 2014, IFTAs, X Men, 12 Years a Slave
Easily my fave shots of the night. EASILY.

And finally, my favourite snap of the entire night, firstly because I said 'Micheal, sorry, could I grab a photo before you go?' - he says 'You're not sorry at all' - I says 'Not even slightly!'. That was the pic on the left, in the one of the right I was sent here to goose you you know' and he said, chuckling 'Goose away!'. Admittedly, I wasn't the hugest Fassy fan but I am completely converted now. He was warm, genuinely funny and one of the best huggahs evah! 

The drinks continued to flow long into the night, the secret 'special entertainment' never arrived and a DJ took his place until close to 4.30am. Having been up since silly o clock and on a high from 'sleb highjinks, the Sis and I dragged ourselves upstairs around 2.30am when the party was still raging. 

I know full well the IFTA 2014 production team have received a lashing in the press today and, to be fair, a lot of it is fair criticism. I can say that not one of the celebrities we met were too miffed, quite the opposite in fact. While we're still only coming down from the thrill of it all, I guess it's a cliché to say but IFTA 2014? You just had to be there. 

Were you there on the night? Did you watch from home? Thoughts in general?

Fancy winning my MAC Ruby Woo
Goody Bag from the evening? 
Right this way so... x 


Kat said...

Feck the 'slebs, you and Corinna are absolute ROIDES. Seriously.

Unknown said...

Very jealous you got to meet Amy Huberman, she seems like great craic. But my go............Jamie did you even manage not to faint??

wow!! (wipes away drool)


Unknown said...

Forgot to say in my excitement that you two girls looked awesome! Stunners! xx

Le Smurf said...

SUSAN!!! You look flipping amazing! That lippy is so gorgeous on you.

The Fassbender - JAYSUS tonight! He is a lovely bloke in fairness to him - I had the JOY of meeting him in Killarney just after the Guinness ad... We were in the pub for my mates 21st.. I bought Fassy a pint and asked him to say the line - - "Sorry" - it remains the best moment of my life.... We had such a fun night with him and his mates and NO-ONE has a pic with him other than the birthday boy!! Deva!!

shiv said...

Brilliant sick with jealously !