Thursday, April 10, 2014

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

Morning All, ready to unrustle some Jimmies? 

This week hasn't been too bad, apart from oversleeping a Disco Nap and going to see The Raid 2 preview with some gobshite young one behind us fake, mid pitch, screaming for the entire movie. She was this close <--> to getting a live Indonesian martial arts demonstration herself. Please don't do these things, people, not ever. 

As for the top five Jimmie Rustlers? 

1. PR Pitches That Involve Having To 
Enter Any Kind of Competition

 photo computer-says-no_zpsf7508a36.gif

2. Bringing a Brand New Lippie Home to Find You Already Have Three in EXACTLY The Same Colour

 photo Awkward-GIF_zps0c6fe26d.gif

4. Passive Aggressive BS on Social Media

 photo moveonwithyourlife-w352_zps3f6cfb9a.gif

4. The First 10 Mins Wearing False Lashes

 photo not-right-g2_zpsb4b88862.gif
5. Press Packs in Paper Bags Sealed with Staples

 photo giphy_zpsc7a17ac6.gif

G'wan, do you recognise any of my rustlers? 
As ever this is a place to unleash the pent up aggression of the previous week - 
What's been rustling your jimmies? 


Unknown said...

Had I have known it was that bad or you were late I would have held you seats up with us.
The one thing that constantly rustles my jammies are the people who when they get a shit deal on a new phone after you explained it to them so many times how to get it cheaper they say, ah I should have asked you. yeah you should but you didnt so now you are down 600 euro for the next 2 years. well done you.

S said...

The Passive Agressive stuff is rampant at the moment. "Some people" "You know who you are" etc. Stupid.

This Windows XP thing, my god. I'll end up having to get a new laptop.

Sandy Beach said...

Well as I don't purchase lipstick that ain't gonna happen to me. But the picture to go with is the biz.

Sue Jordan said...

Was raging Dave, no idea how you didn't hear her!!

Sue Jordan said...

100% Shar, spit it out or swallow it FFS!
Don't start me on Windows XP!

Sue Jordan said...

Are you more of a gloss gal, Sandy? I've been converted of late!

Siuners said...

Ah Sue, the rustling never fails me to make me laugh.

Sue Jordan said...

YAY Siuners!

Gotta love a LOL every now & then ;)

kirstie said...

the need to play out every aspect of your life on social media. NO.