Thursday, April 03, 2014

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

This has been a week of amazing news, new opportunities and an extended weekend of pampering. You'd think then that my jimmies would be relatively unrustled, right? You'd think that but YOU'D BE WRONG. 

Here's just five things that rustle my jimmies this week. Just five: 

1. Babies Dressed in Leopard Print

 photo RavenGif_zps328712ff.gif

2. Stupidly Dark 3D Movies

 photo funny-gif-mother-of-God-glasses_zps7c7dcb40.gif
3. Constant Complaining About 'Haterz'

 photo z5zJU8e_zps3ba378c6.gif

4. 5 Star Hotels with Cheap Toiletries in the Rooms

 photo tumblr_m7tvk59Yw51qj47xa_zps5edc027c.gif
5. Accidentally Spotting a Spoiler 
Halfway Through Watching a Finale

 photo Funny-gif-Steve-Carell-The-Office-no-no_zps093a9d5e.gif

And that's them all... so far. Tell me, what's been rustling your jimmies this week? 


Felicity said...

Feckin' Drogheda. Again. Third time this week.

stonebabies said...

Hahaha you just made me laugh loudly on the train. Now I'm sitting here all awkward! I'll add filthy 5 star hotels with rubbish service.

M x said...

I have 17 weeks to avoid HIMYM spoilers....can I do it????

Anonymous said...

Rudeness towards colleagues. it makes everyone uncomfortable!

Unknown said...

OMG the "haterz" one. If it's something they constantly have to complain about then obviously it is for a reason! Thank you!

laura said...

Omg yes rude work colleagues,work is hard enough without having lazy ignorant people to deal with aswell.
Idiots who insist on keeping their giant backpacks on their backs in a totally packed train where there's barely room to stand. Or people who refuse to move out of the way while you're trying to get off the flipping train!

S said...

When I'm trying to cook dinner and nobody helps, then they come up and start picking at food as I'm putting it on the plate. I will chop your fingers off.

Bad spelling on a website. Jesus Christ Almighty. Proofreading is underrated.