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Shiseido Ibuki Skincare Review. Collab Post WITH Giveaway!

I'm a big lover of Japanese prestige brand, Shiseido, we know this. Did we also know that they have an entire range of skincare dedicated to Generation Y? In layman's terms, those of us between the ages of 25 and 35. Shiseido Ibuki is for US! *whistles nonchalantly while not making eye contact*. 

Because we're all about fully encompassing reviews here at CherrySue, myself and the fanciest of faces, Lorraine of John, It's Only Makeup! have come up with a collaboration idea to bring you a review from both ends of the Ibuki target market spectrum. I'll be taking on the higher end of the age range and Lorraine the lower (I had to clarify that, it makes me feel better, OK?!)

Shiseido Ibuki Review
It really does. 
When it comes to expensive skincare, I love the notion of starter kits. It gives those of us dipping a toe into a brand way more than a sachet or even a deluxe sample to gauge our skins reaction to new ingredients. To truly know if a skincare product suits me I always need at least a fortnight, at least. The Ibuki Starter Kit gives you just that. 

Their initial trial results suggest that 90% of women have said that their skin is in 'the best condition ever' after just these two weeks. While I'd be hesitant to leap blindly into that 90%, this range has to be trialled to be believed. 

Gentle Cleanser 30ml, Softening Concentrate 30ml & Refining Moisturizer 30ml

To the contents: Shiseido are making sure we have all we need to fully test Ibuki with 30ml each of the Gentle Cleanser (€35 full size), Softening Concentrate (€28 full size) & Refining Moisturizer (€50 full size). But what does my visage make of it? 

Shiseido Ibuki Gentle Cleanser
The Ibuki Gentle Cleanser is an extremely soft but unctuous cream that lathers almost instantly with warm water. The smallest amount transforms into a rich cleansing treatment that removes every trace of the day without leaving skin feeling tight or stripped. 

Point to note here, the Gentle Cleanser smells UH-MAZING. As in inhaleitinhaleitagainandoncemoreforluck UH-MAZING. It smells like a luxury treatment should smell. UH-MAZING. 

Shiseido Ibuki Softening Concentrate
The Ibuki Softening Concentrate is designed to work on a deeper level and ready your skin for moisturiser. The operative word here is concentrate, less is definitely more. You only need the smallest amount on a cotton pad swiped across your cleansed face to soften and smooth the skin. This concentrate is everything toners aspire to be, soft, gentle and bloody effective. 

Shiseido Ibuki Refining Moisturizer
Shiseido Ibuki Refining Moisturizer is the moisturiser that taught me to be a little lighter handed with my ablutions. Although it feels light to the touch, the rich cream is intensely hydrating and adds more than a little shine to my skin if I overindulge. Used just right though I've seen my face emerge brighter than it has been in quite a while. I didn't notice any pore reducing or line minimizing effects but the overall tone of my kisser appeared more even each morning and throughout the day, even under makeup. 

The skinny is thus: Shiseido Ibuki has breathed new life into my skincare routine and once I have finished revelling in this Starter Kit (it's my second)(THANKS Shiseido) I will be purchasing the Gentle Cleanser and the Refining Moisturizer with my very own cash dollar, without hesitation. 

The Softening Concentrate is a superb product though it didn't have as much of an impact on my 36 year old skin as it might have were I a smidge younger (I blame the job). I'm hugely interested to see what Lorraine's porcelain visage has made of the lot though, she's naught but a chil' but I can see these suiting her skin perfectly. 

Here's where this post gets a little bit awesome - Lorraine and I have teamed up with Shiseido Ireland to bring 5 of you the chance to bag yourself an Ibuki Starter Kit (unavailable to buy in Ireland as yet) and the chance to experience this luxury skincare in your own home. 

I want you to head on over to Lorraine's review to see what she makes of Ibuki. Was I right about her adoring the entire range? Bet I am. To be in with a chance of winning a Starter Kit, we need you to leave a comment either here or on Lorraine's post to tell us: What does Ibuki mean? (Lorraine's post is more helpful for this one). 

Open to ROI lovelies this time only, winners will be announced on May 1st. Just in time to kickstart your summer time skincare routine. G'wan, what are you waiting for? GO! (Do come back though, I'm dying to hear!)

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