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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Movie Review

Who's in it?

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The Amazing Spiderman 2 Review
Actual Release date is April 18th!!!

What's it about?

When Spider-Man saves Max Dillon from being crushed by a car, he becomes obsessed with the Web-Head. While working late in Oscorp he falls victim to a freak accident and after being fried by genetically modified eels, he becomes Electro - only to have his limelight stolen by the 'selfish' Spider-Man.

Any Good?

While I did love the first Amazing Spider-Man, this one seems to be delving more into the comics and it couldn't be any the better for it. While it is more source material than Sam Raimi's, this had many moments where it felt like it was advertising future films in the franchise - as well as SONY SONY SONY in almost EVERY shot.

I'm genuinely in love with Dale DeHann's new Green Goblin (especially his look!), but I was throughly let down by Electro. The original was some hack in a camp green and yellow spandex suit with a ridiculous mask, but in this he had basically turned into Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen; even down to the changing of his molecular structure.

THIS is Electro!

I'm not sure what happened, but someone called Attack of the Clones Anakin Skywalker to play Peter Parker while Andrew Garfield took the role of the much sassier Spider-Man. While Spider-Man was exactly as he should have been, Peter was just a blubbering mess breaking down in 8/10 scenes he was in unnecessarily which really toned down the emotion of the truly sad parts. Jamie Foxx was great as Nu-Electro; in the beginning he was just an ignored worker in Oscorp but turned to a jealous and huge ego'd villain. Dale DeHann really shone as the desperate Harry Osborn, playing it cool until going mental and truly becoming The Green Goblin. 

One sentence I thought I'd never even think let alone say was... Paul Giamatti was AWFUL. Now when I say this I don't mean Giamatti-level acting awful, I mean Birdemic awful. His fake accent physically hurt, while he over hammed facial expressions just destroyed the character completely; never mind the ridiculously bad Rhino suit.

This is the only film that I have ever recommended to pay full price for 3D tickets - it's shot extra bright so not much colour is lost and WOW is it incredible. The true stand out of the film was watching my favourite hero fly about and actually feeling like you're right there with him. Scored by Hans Zimmer, the sounds of Electro shooting and moving were sneaky dubstep clips mashed up in the best sound editing I've ever seen. Definitely worth full price, I'm planning on dragging the arachnophobic other half multiple times despite her personal hero Rolled Up Newspaper Man not being there to fight the Web-Head.


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