Thursday, September 29, 2011

Batman Live - World Arena Tour - Review

From tonight, the 28th, to Saturday the 1st of October the O2, Dublin plays host to one of the most elaborate and well executed shows your likely to see for quite a while. Batman Live.

Before the show even begins the stage is set with the cartoonish city spread of Gotham City, the enormous Bat as a backdrop is made of LED screens that transform throughout in a way that I've never seen used in a stage production before. Its evident from the beginning that this show is true to its graphic novel roots but even more thrillingly that you too will be drawn into the comic book world.

LED awesomeness. 

The story brings us from the very beginning, Bruce Wayne's fateful night out with his parents, and carries us right through to his meeting with his trusty sidekick Robin. They battle every arch nemesis you can care to remember in this mesmerising spectacle. From Catwoman to TwoFace, The Scarecrow & Penguin, they're all here and played out with an over the top gusto that's completely engrossing. At one stage I realised I'd a pain in my jaw from smiling and slightly dried eyeballs from forgetting to blink. Yes, I'm a nerd. No, I don't care.

The most impressive of all enemies though is The Joker (naturally). His acrobatic troupe of loons, his 'hang on a minute' magic tricks and his jaw dropping stage set pieces truly have to be seen to be believed. The arrival onset of an actual Batmobile was met with whoops of joy from both falsetto & baritone fans. As was the ensuing race to Arkham Asylum and the ultimate battle of good over evil.

Orla & Aoife my Loony nieces that sought us out at intermission. Exhausted, exhilarated & ready for more!
This night was, without doubt, one of the most fun family nights out we've had for a long while (& there's stiff competition). Asking the lads their opinions they were unanimous 'Brilliant!'. While the eldest Gorgebag insists that the Joker stole the show, his younger brother loved the Batmobile and the LED screens that changed so completely that you were transported to new places every time. He did mention that Batman himself was the hammiest actor he'd ever seen - that's the point, surely?

Batfans of all ages!

This show is sure to be a hit with fans of all ages, I did think the little 'uns would think it a bit dark but the Girls there are only 4 & their brother is 3. They didn't move once. While my lovelies are 14 & 15 and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The grown men in Batmen tshirts & (occasionally) capes seemed fairly sated too.

If you're looking for a family event or even just a night out, do yourself a favour & get to the O2 this week!

Heads Up: Big Thanks have to go to Darragh over at who chose us as the random winners for opening night tickets. Not only that but he wangled a third so that the youngest Gorgebag didn't have to be left behind & miss all the fun. A True Gent. 


cornflakegirl said...

It sounds like a great night was had by all.

That LED light set looks great in the pic so I can imagine how spectacular it looked on the night.

The last pic of your nieces, nephew and the Gorgebags themselves is a lovely one.

Chantelle Thomas said...

I went to see this too! I thought it was really good. Loved the whole circus theme. But from some seats it was hard to see the top of the stage!

Sue Jordan said...

You're right Chantelle, reckon the set was just too big for the O2. Shame. Great show though :)