Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday's Moments - 19/09

Wha? Monday again? Huge welcome to any new followers, delirah to have you. Just a quick explanation, every Monday I remember 5 things that have made my previous week less rubbish. Cheers me up of a Monday & feels great to appreciate the small things so do please share your own Moments in the comments!

1. They Still Gorrit!

As my SOTW this week let you all know, the Daddeh & I had the chance at VIP tickets to Air Supply on Friday night. These chaps have been around for 30+ years (That's (marginally) longer than me) but they were phenomenal!

The Daddeh has equated seeing them with seeing The Beatles, such was his delight. We crowed the goldies & crooned the oldies and had a feckin' brilliant night. All together now... I'm all outta love..

2. G'wan the Boys!!

Being a Dub, born, bred & buttered, there's no way I could let a Monday's Moments pass without mentioning the historic awesomeness that was the GAA All Ireland final yesterday. 

No, I'm not an avid fan, Yes I watch on rare occasions but to see the sheer elation on the pitch yesterday as they played their hearts & souls out to beat The Kingdom was just outstanding. It's been 16 years since they've won the Sam Maguire and they deserve every minute of the glory they're basking in today. 

3. So long Suckers!

Saturday morning saw Casa le Cherry jonesing for McDonalds, hangover? Moi? Problem being that although you can almost see the golden arches from our living room window, half of Dublin takes it upon themselves to swarm the centre at the weekends. 

With the line of cars past our exit, I decided to try something different. Using the slip road I passed the first line as if to head for town, used the service entrance at the local industrial estate to double back and that  led me onto the slip road into the centre. Tootling along & not believing my luck I got around the roundabout, ordered our grub at the empty drive through and caught the lights just in time to pass the same line of traffic at our exit. Soz, dudes. 

Piping hot womacs & chips within minutes? Immense!! (Disclaimer: Yes I work in Road Safety, I'd like to point out that all manoeuvres were made safely, legally & hella smugly)

4. Easy does it...

As part of the job I regularly have to travel to seminars & conferences. Because my counterparts are in every county in the land these events are usually located in the midlands. 

Last Wednesday was no different but taking advantage of a midweek special deal I decided to head down the night before for a Spa Special for very few pee. This meant head, neck & shoulder massage & a couple of glasses the night before and up early for a quick dip & a soak in the jacuzzi before the others even arrived. 

Floating in as the masses sat down I was told 'Traffic was an unholy bitch this morning!' 

'Was it, yeah?'

5. A Lannister always wins his Emmy!

Lastnight saw one of the most deserving Emmy nominees & actors getting his just desserts. Peter Dinklage, who plays Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones was humble and genuinely grateful in his speech

Any of you that don't recognise him instantly need to get watching series 1 and reading the books! They've literally taken over my life for the past couple of months. I've yet to see an actor so perfectly cast for a part and so gracious in accepting that fact. The Emmys aren't always known for rewarding those the public expect though, case in point was Steve Carrell's snub last night (Are we watching the same shows judges?!)

Anyway Peter Dinklage rocks, Game of Thrones rocks - he got the Emmy! That rocks. 

That's me, chuffed up for another 7 days, any moments you'd care to share? Sure feels good. 

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