Monday, September 05, 2011

Monday's Moments 5/9

Mhhmm, that time of week again, Yay, Monday! *strained smile*. What 5 things have led to chuffage this week I hear you ask? Well, voilà...

1. This is not a drill! No, wait, it is. 

Sod the typing, Maggie. We out!

September is a hugely busy time in work for me, with the schools being back in action. Goggle eyed, updating spreadsheets on Friday and wishing the ground would swallow me whole what should happen? *WEEEOOOWWWEEEEOOOOWWWEEOO*

My reaction? 'Oh Thank Christ!' was met with looks of bewilderment and, I'm sure, fleeting suspicion. An opportune break from brain deadening monotony? Thank you very much.

2. I Think I Love You

Brain addled from aforementioned schools I dragged myself into the coffee shop after an early morning site visit. Order out of my gob before I even checked my bag. 'Ohforfecksakewheresmyfeckinpurse?!' (All one word). Gutting. The barrista, half pityingly and half not wanting to throw my order down the sink gave me a grin. 'Ah, sure you're in here all the time, have this one on us'. Huzzah!

Eternally grateful and grieving slightly for the muffin I was about to order I headed off with my free coffee. Love it.

3. No Panic

For those of you still in college this is going to be a toughie. Every year at this time the panic starts to set in about re-registering for college. Well I got that monkey o' dread off my back folks. Having finished my degree with the finals from hell in April, I is free! Four looong years but I is free. 

It's one of those feelings of freedom that just keeps giving. I forget, mild panic sets in at the mention of semesters then 'Ahhhhh'. For all of you not finished yet? Sucks to be you May the force be with each & every one of you. 

4. Here, Have this

I've just completed my first blog giveaway. Didn't think it'd feel as good as it does or has done for the past week with excitement. The lovely Sharon was the winner this time and I'm chuffed for her. Have printed up CherrySue labels specifically and will be tottering off to the post office tomorrow to send it on it's merry way. (Giving the post mistress the side eye while I'm at it). 

They say it's better to give than to receive and this feels pretty feckin' good. I'm not sure it beats receiving but its right up there. 

5. Seriously?

I like to think of myself as lucky, always have done (regardless). I come from a lucky family and have lucky children. Which is why I LOVE when that PMA is proven right. Opening my mails tonight on a high from Monday's number 4 moment I was greeted with a mail from Kristin & Caroline over at the Irish Food Bloggers Association.  

I'd only gone and won the Catherine Fulvio competition! I'm thrilled, not as thrilled as the lads will be in the coming weeks as I begin to experiment but seriously delighted and grateful nonetheless. Thanks Girls x

So they're my 5 that add up to a Happy Monday, what has been rocking your proverbial boat this week? Hmm?


boredmum said...

well done Cherrysue, u can cook food for me and boys if yours don't want it, heee heee, I won an Easons Bookclub prize on Friday, through facebook, its Diane Chamberlain The Shadow Wife, dying to read it, It just arrived on friday morning in the post, i didn't even know i had won, It feels great to win something doesn't it, enjoy hun

Unknown said...

Lovely post Sue, great to hear so many things are going well for you - congrats on winning the food comp, and how sweet of your barista!

Siún said...

Love your happy posts Cherry Sue, keep 'em coming x

Aoife said...

Hi lovely! Love this post, I too just finished my degree and am so happy to not be going back!
Congrats on the Catherine Fulvio Comp, you should post some of your experiments! I might too :)

Have a nice weekend :) x