Saturday, September 10, 2011

Has High Beam been Duped?

I have a serious love for highlighters, well for High Beam in particular. More so since the & Benefit launch in BTs that taught us to do the Power V for best highlighting effect. For those of you without access to links, that involves giving yourself the fingers, right into your eye. Top finger goes under your brow and bottom finger on the top of your cheekbone. Use this a guide as to where to place your highlighter for maximum benefit. (Geddit?)

Tootling around TopShop a couple of weeks back, merely because I had a voucher, I would never tootle there normally considering their rip off comparison prices, I stumbled across this lovely. 

Twistable Uppable, my favourite format.
This is called Prism and is one of 3 Cheeks offerings on the TopShop counters right now. It's a little steep at €15 but then again so is everything in Irish TopShop stores (can you tell it annoys me?)

Anyway, its a beautiful soft shimmering stick that can be used as a daytime highlighter. In comparison with High Beam the colour and effect is a lot subtler. 

High Beam Heart - Prism Splodge

Prism on Top - High Beam Bottom
I've been using this for about 2 weeks now and while I do like it as an alternative it won't knock High Beam out of my mála. I've found it's staying power is fairly poor, it's effects have pretty much worn away by lunchtime, which has a lot to do with the soft consistency. 

While I don't regret the purchase it's not one I'll be making again. For the extra €8.13 including delivery from  I reckon High Beam is a much better choice. I've had mine for over a year now, using it every other day and you can see from the first picture, it's really holding up well. 

So what say you? Would you be tempted? Any love for TopShop cosmetics out there?

**You're getting an edit right here, just after I published this post Benefit released Watts Up, TopShop is an even closer to dupe to that!**


Fiona said...

I like these. Bit yes Topshop is a rip. I tend to try on what I like and get the sizing, then go off and buy stuff online.

Helen99 said...

There are a lot of amazing dupes out there, sometimes I wonder how companies get away with it! I have not been in to Top Shop for many years. I have to say, there is not a range out there I would not try at least once though. It is great we have so much choice out there, I love it!

boredmum said...

hate the way top shop rip us off here so never go in, think i'd just get the benefit one if i were given a choice, i have Posietint and Benetint and they last ages, i don't know if i would be able to pull off a highlighter hee heee

Y said...

Oh great , now you got me looking around for that power V thing and feeling stupid for not getting it :P

Mercedes said...

High beam brings back so many memories! I used to freak if I couldnt find it when I was in high school! It's still so pretty...

cornflakegirl said...

Haven't tried this TopShop offering but I'm impressed with their make up over all (despite the rip off prices in Ireland, grr). I love their cream blushes and their kohl pencils are the best I've tried in a while.

I love High Beam though Moonbeam is still my favourite highlighter.

spg said...

Seems like Topshop Prism is more closely related to Watt's Up than High Beam. Thanks for the post!

Sue Jordan said...

It definitely is Ana, I didn't realise they were so similar at the time of this post. (Pre release)

Have you tried Watt's Up? Worth the spends do you think?